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What is the Snow Challenge?

From HOT 107.5 If you live in the Midwest and have an Instagram account chances are you have seen people ranting about the snow challenge or #SnowChallenge for the last 24 hours.

You have probably seen a video or two of people with little to no clothing jumping in the snow.

Crazy right? I guess it isn’t as crazy as I thought considering over 10,000 videos have been uploaded on Instagram.

If that gave you the chills, take a pause for the cause and let visuals of Kim Kardashian and Blac Chyna’s ASSets warm you up HERE or check out the HOT Kim K photos below!

How does one participate in the snow challenge?

I guess this is the part where I tell you that HOT 107.5 doesn’t encourage or support anyone doing the snow challenge as serious injury or illness is likely to incur.

It all started out yesterday after heavy snowfall with an Instagram post, as seen above. One would post this photo with a caption stating if I get X amount of likes or X amount of followers that they would create a video of them participating in the snow challenge.

The basics of the snow challenge videos seem to be running outside in the nude or in underwear/bathing suit an jumping in the snow.

Although I do not foresee myself participating and I do see the high risk of injury, I couldn’t help my boredom in composing a best #SnowChallenge video via snippets from a dedicated IG @TheSnowChallenge


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