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There’s a new #PrisonBae in town, so Jeremy Meeks may want to move on over. This new bae has sparkling green eyes, full pink lips, a head full of thick dreadlocks and a violent temper that landed him in jail. 29-year-old Sean Kory was arrested on Halloween night when he went (in the words of Kanye West) ham on a fellow Halloween lover dressed as a news reporter during Santa Cruz’s annual Halloween parade. However, it’s Kory’s devastating good looks that are making the headlines, reminiscent to the first #PrisonBae, Jeremy Meeks. Lord help us, but Kory’s looks rival Jason Momoa’s and we’re here for it. Judge us! According to reports:

“At downtown Santa Cruz’s annual parade on Friday night, police said, 29-year-old Sean Kory said ‘I hate Fox News’ before grabbing the victim’s microphone prop. The dreadlocked Kory then made an obscene gesture with it before attacking the victim with an aluminum tennis racket, police said.

The victim wasn’t injured, but he called police, who ran down the suspect as he attempted to flee. Kory, a Santa Cruz resident, was arrested and booked into the county jail, Deputy Police Chief Steve Clark said in a news release.”

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Ridiculously hot mugshots have been a very entertaining trend lately. From Jeremy Meeks to the stunning Angela Coates, crime seems to have a new…sexier face. Sexy or not, Kory attacked a fake news reporter with a tennis racket all because of his hate of Fox News. He might be fine, but he may be a few colors short of a full box of crayons.

Highly attractive criminals have not only sparked a movement of hands towards necks–in order to clutch pearls, but those same hands have furiously tapped away at keyboards, waxing poetic about men who commit crimes not deserving our admiration. *sigh* No one is talking about running off to a whirlwind romance with Meeks or Kory, we’re simply appreciating a couple of bright-eyed cuties, who happen to epitomize the “bad boy” image that many women flock to. It’s just appreciation. Men do it all the time! Right?

Have some fun with us…Who’s cuter?


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