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C. Breezy has almost completed a major obstacle in his life over the past 5+ with the completion of his 1000 hour community service that he was required to do as part of the Rihanna case.

The Grammy winner has reportedly been working 6 hours a day for 5 weeks since the middle of November to be completed by his next court hearing in January. I’m sure everyone will be happy when he can put this all behind him and move forward.

We’ve learned, since November 13, Chris has been doing physical labor 6 hours a day, 5 days a week to complete his 1,000 hours by the next court hearing in mid-January. There have been a few weeks where work has gotten in the way, but the drill is 6/5.

Chris’ community service in the Rihanna case requires hard labor, and we’re told he’s working at a facility approved by the Probation Dept., painting, cleaning, trash removal, moving furniture … stuff like that.

Last Friday Chris put his 6 hours in and then jumped on a plane to Jacksonville, FL where he performed that night at the Memorial Arena. He then flew to Columbia, South Carolina for a Saturday show, then on to Birmingham, AL for a Sunday performance. He took a private jet back to L.A. for hard labor Monday.

And we’re told … he hasn’t complained or acted up.