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Nope he wasn’t a brother either…

Last Wednesday, police arrested a western Pennsylvania bank robbery suspect when he stopped for chicken and biscuits at a restaurant just two blocks away from the heist.

Shane Lindsey, 32, was arrested about 20 minutes after he allegedly robbed the Citizens Bank in downtown New Kensington. Witnesses saw a bald man matching Lindsey’s description run toward a restaurant after the stick-up. Police knew the venue had surveillance video, so they went inside to play back the footage — hoping to find clues about the whereabouts of the perpetrator.

They were surprised however, when they realized Lindsey was still on the premises, eating in a booth like any other customer.

While it is unfortunate that Lindsey’s love of fried chicken got the best of him — there was a collective sigh of relief in the office when we saw this mugshot and learned that he was not black.

Authorities say the video shows that the suspect originally ran past the restaurant — but then he paused (as if realizing he was hungry) and headed back to make a stop at the chicken spot.