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President Donald Trump is expected to sign an executive order on Wednesday that would allow him to move forward with his plan to build a wall along the Mexican border. The move is his first major step towards his promise to crack down on illegal immigration and strengthen national security. According to the Government Accountability Office, the wall will approximately cost $6.5 million per mile for single-layer fencing and an extra $4.2 million per mile to construct roads and add more fencing. He will sign the order while visiting the Department of Homeland Security. Trump took to Twitter on Tuesday night to share that major national security changes were on the horizon. “Big day planned on NATIONAL SECURITY tomorrow,” he tweeted. “Among many other things, we will build the wall!” Read more.

Minnesota Cop Admits To Exchanging Racist Texts With BLM Shooter

On Tuesday, a Minnesota cop shared that he had exchanged “racially charged” text messages with an individual who is on trial for allegedly shooting five Black Lives Matter protesters two years ago. During his testimony, Officer Brett Levin revealed that he had been friends with the shooter, Allen Scarsella, since high school. Officer Levin claims that Scarsella began sending him messages that were “negative about Black people” at the beginning of 2015. He also admitted to making negative comments about African-Americans. Scarsella, 24, is currently facing felony assault and riot charges stemming from an incident that occurred on November 23, 2015. During the incident, Scarsella allegedly fired eight shots into a crowd of Black Lives Matter protesters that were gathered to mourn the loss of Jamar Clark, a 24-year-old unarmed Black man who was shot and killed by police officials on November 15, 2015. Read more.

New Video Footage Released In Ramarley Graham Case

The departmental trial for the officer involved in the death of Ramarley Graham has come to an end, however, Graham’s loved ones are still continuing to fight for justice. According to his family, new video footage from the incident shows that Graham didn’t pose a threat to the officers prior to being shot. The new footage shows Officer Richard Haste, the person responsible for killing Graham, pacing back and forth with his firearm in his hand behind Graham’s home before someone lets him inside. They say that the footage contradicts the testimony made by Officer Haste. Haste never faced criminal charges for the incident. His future with the NYPD is in the hands of Police Commissioner James O’Neill. Read more.

WikiHow Whitewashes Barack Obama, Beyoncé, And Jay Z In New Cartoon

WikiHow found itself in hot water after releasing a how-to cartoon that went wrong. As part of its “How to become a congressman” animated tutorial, the site featured a cartoon adaptation of Barack Obama, Beyoncé, and Jay Z. The cartoon portrayed all three of them as White individuals. After the images circulated around the web, several people on Twitter called out WikiHow. A WikiHow representative took to Twitter on Tuesday to issue an apology. “When we saw the whitewashed image of Obama, Jay Z & Beyoncé, we were disgusted & ashamed. It never should have been on wikiHow,” posted the rep. Although they said the mistake was unintentional, it’s still not an excuse. “This doesn’t excuse the fact that we hosted a terrible image on wikiHow and we needed more diversity on that article, period. We’re talking with our illustrators to prevent recurrence and encourage diversity. Especially in positions of power,” said WikiHow founder Jack Herrick. Read more.


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