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Today Tyrese took to his social media to get some thing off his chest. In his post, which seemed more like a novel, Tyrese let his fans know about some issues he has been facing recently. He tells us that the Rock still hasn’t contacted him since their communication on Instagram, where he voiced his disapproval of the Rock working on a movie without the rest of the Fast and Furious crew. He also goes on to say that he hasn’t been able to find work, because his daughter’s mother has ruined his reputation. I’ve been keeping you updated on this ongoing battle between Tyrese and his baby’s mother, but looks like Tyrese has some more to say about it. He says that he is going broke paying for legal fees to get his daughter back. I’m sure the big gestures he has made to publicly communicate with his daughter has added to that cost.  If you missed the previous post don’t worry, just click here. To see his most recent rant for yourself, just look below.