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It’s officially been over a year since the Obamas have left the white house, but they haven’t stopped working towards making a change in our community! Michelle and Barack Obama are now in the process of building the Obama Presidential Center in Chicago, however, they did not choose to put it in a location that most of us expected.
The Obama’s have chosen to build this monumental building on the South Side of Chicago, which is where the couple first met. Michelle says “From the very beginning, @BarackObama and I knew the Obama Presidential Center had to be on the South Side.”

The center will consist of a forum building, a museum, a library, an athletic center and a plaza for markets and festivals to be held. The campus will also feature a vegetable garden like the one Michelle Obama had at the White House and a sledding hill open for to the public to enjoy! 
This is will bring a lot of tourism and money to the not only the South Side of Chicago, but the whole city. It is amazing to see that the Obamas are still out here making change in the places that need them! The center in almost ready for construction and we can’t wait to see the final product! Are you all planning on making a trip to Chicago to see this amazing center?