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Just weeks after the controversial H&M “coolest monkey in the jungle” marketing flop, yet another company has social media in an uproar over the release of their black nail polish, named “This As A N***a.” Yeap, you read it right!

Italian based brand, Wycon Cosmetics, felt the name was fitting for their nail polish since it is the darkest shade of black possible. After receiving tons of threats of boycotts and backlash, the company released a comment in their Instagram post saying, “We’re sorry that this post has triggered these types of reactions: every colour from our Gel On collection is inspired, with a cheerful attitude and a pinch of naivety, by famous son titles, many of which derive from the landscape of hip-hop.” They then go on to explain that the nail polish name referenced “Thick N***a” by DBangz, like their other product which references songs like “Bootilicious” and “Drop It Like Its Hot.”

The comment closes out with “Wycon is the brand for everybody #nobodyexcluded is our motto and we didn’t mean to offend anybody.” How are y’all feeling about this one, Live Squad? It’s starting to feel like these companies are doing this on purpose!

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