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So a really dope girl slept on my couch last night. She was smart, funny, and had a confidence about her that made her always seem comfortable. She came over kinda late to hang out after work, so I knew she was tired, but she wanted to come so I made arrangements. We had planned on relaxing for a short bit, then grabbing a drink somewhere local. Once she got to my apartment we started to talk and all plans went out the window.

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We talked about life, happiness, and everything in between. It was refreshing. It wasn’t like talking to my boys. We were talking about all of the same things, but her perspective was fresh for me. She had jokes about James in one hand, and opinions about gentrification in the other. We laughed, we joked, we got angry, and even got a little emotional. Usually when someone of the opposite sex comes over after 11pm, there’s only a hand full of things you’re thinking about doing, and talking for hours is not one of them; but I am here to stay, because of that conversation at 2am, I now have a bond with someone who actually brings joy to my life. No she’s not my girlfriend and no we’re not having sex, but she’s a positive energy and that’s more important than an orgasm.

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Men should value the platonic friendships in their lives. They allow a different point of view to enter your thoughts. They allow you to see through a more emotional lens. Hyper-masculinity can blind us from what we actually feel and what we feel is often times better than what we think. Make a conscious effort to stimulate your platonic friendships. The more you can talk to women on a friendship level, the more you will understand their wants and needs. If a dope girl wants to just talk and sleep on your couch, don’t worry about what they can do for you, just let them.



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