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Kevin Hart was the first to break the news about Meek’s release, via Instagram.

Hart visited Meek earlier today and posted on Instagram to break the news that Meek would soon be free.

Tennessee courts have since revoked Travis Reinking’s bail. Isn’t it amazing to think that Reinking can trespass at the White House and murder four people within the same year and get bail, while Meek is considered a danger to society for popping a wheelie.

According to NY Times writer Daniel Victor, Meek will be at the game tonight to ring the ceremonial first bell.

As @EXavierPope pointed out on Twitter, “Meek Free! Now free the millions of unknown black and brown men being held behind bars for non violent minor drug offenses, the wrongfully accused, the unfairly sentenced in their rightful time, and the those overburdened by excessive bail.“

Michael Rubin, the co-owner of the Philadelphia 76ers, posted a photo of Meek on the way to tonight’s elimination game against the Miami Heat.

Hit the jump to see Meek ring the Liberty Bell just before the team takes the court to his hit “Like A Boss.”

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