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Yes we finally get a Black Spider-Man For The Culture and here’s why it was amazing. Today #LiveSquad was given the opportunity to see Spider Man: Into the Spider-Verse for the first time since its release in theaters earlier this week. ————————————————————

The movie takes place in the marvel cinematic universe and stars Miles Morales (#ShameekMoore) as the ‘new’ friendly neighborhood Spider-Man growing up in Brooklyn, NY as an Afro Latino. The movie is culturally significant just as much as Black Panther because it gives us representation to characters that we’ve loved for years. ———————————————————————

Here’s why we LOVED SpiderVerse 

1. He’s Black, yeah I said it but it’s not every day that you get a chance to see a Black Afro Latino as Spider Man represented on the big screen.

2. The Animation, The animation is a comic book style ode to the original comic book series in the 60s and so aesthetically appealing. 

3. The music, the music is on point and we even get some bops from #NickiMinaj, #SwaeLee, #PostMalone and #JadenSmith in the soundtrack.

4. It’s an all star cast featuring  Shameek Moore, #BryanTylerHenry, #HaileeSteinfeild, #MaherselaAli, #NicholasCage and More! 

5. The pop culture references in Times Square.

6. The short at the end of the film.

We hope you take your kids or yourself to see this movie you won’t be disappointed it’s #LiveSquadApproved let us know what you think of the new Spider Man 🕷 in the comments below!