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Wednesday, President Donald Trump tweeted, “BUILD A WALL & CRIME WILL FALL! ” After the tweet, many joined in to add their poetic skills.

Documentary film maker, Jeremy Newberger tweeted, “LET GIULIANI TALK & TRUMP WONT WALK”. He didn’t stop there, he continues,” BRIBE PORN STARS & GO BEHIND BARS”.

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There were tweets that expressed what Trump used to say during his campaign ; “I like this rhyme better : ‘MEXICO WILL PAY, YOU USED TO SAY’’, Roland Scahill tweeted.

Even tweets came in from Satan and Jesus, Satan tweets, “Not how it’ll work son”. Jesus responds , “Trump and his supporters are just doing as I preached: “Build a wall to divide yourself from the less fortunate…”

Tony Posnanski tweeted, “Impeach this guy & let him cry”. All the responses seemed to make clever rhythms, like “Ignore the yam, it’s just a scam”.

Many even game him a rap name, calling him “the Notorious B.I.G.O.T.”

Others’ had there own poems for Trump, “There once was a crook from Manhattan. Who’s coffers he needed to fatten. He became Putin’s stooge Endorsed by The Nuge And our Democracy has started to flatten.” 

Looks like Trump is showing his passion, ‘P’ was for Poet; not President.

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