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Ariana Grande 'Dangerous Woman' Tour - New York City

Kevin Mazur

Is this news you may ask? Yes! These artists are getting paid a huge lump of money to perform for Coachella, a two weekend festival full of talented artists. Many wonder how much artists are getting paid. It is alleged that #ArianaGrande was paid $8 billion dollars to headline Coachella for 2019. Last year, #Beyonce was the headliner and she was only paid $4 billion dollars.

Sources wonder if #Yonce actually took a loss with this pay difference. As we see this week, #BeyonceKnowles had the ULTIMATE WIN by taking her 2018 performance, creating a Netflix special out of it AND a live album. They don’t call her the Queen for nothing!

On top of that, she owns all of the rights to her music, production and all proceeds. If you haven’t already, check out #Homecoming on Netflix and download the full live album on all streaming services.