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Halloween can be a happy and fun time for families to enjoy together. But as health experts warn, there are a few steps parents and drivers should take to ensure that the evening doesn’t result in injuries or deaths.

The biggest threat for children on Halloween is being hit by a car. According to a study published in 2019 by JAMA Pediatrics, the average Halloween night resulted in four additional pedestrian deaths.

Specifically, for children ages 4 to 8, the chance of being hit and killed by a car was 10 times higher on Halloween.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration warns that parents should make sure their children are crossing the street at corners and using traffic signals and crosswalks.

The administration warns warn that the rate of drunk drivers is usually much higher on Halloween.

It’s recommended that parents add reflective tape to their children’s costume or have their children carry glow sticks to help them be seen by drivers.

If you’re planning on driving this Halloween, take it slow and turn your headlights on earlier in the day so you are able to spot children from far away.