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It may appear that the LGBTQ community has made a lot of strides in recent years, but that doesn’t mean the threat of bigotry isn’t still present and a cause of concern for queer people. Recently, openly gay rapper Saucy Santana expressed fears about having a gay son in a world that still breeds and facilitates hate.

In fact, Santana said he would prefer that any son he has doesn’t turn out to be gay, not because he’s self-loathing at all, but because he knows too well the intolerance and outright bigotry that, in his experience, is virtually inescapable.

“I think for me—just being honest—I’m just worried about how to raise a kid and just me being gay,” he said during an interview with VH1’s For The Fellas, a preview of which was released Friday. “And I feel like if I have a son, I wouldn’t want my son to be gay. And not because nothing is wrong with it but because of everything I went through. I don’t look at it as self-hate because I love myself more than anybody.”

“I think that it’s just not easy,” he continued. “I want better and I don’t even know if better is the right word because it’s not saying…To me, nothing is wrong with being gay.”

As previously reported, the “Walk” rapper got into a beef that started online with DJ Akademiks, which resulted in the latter declaring that “everybody know I’m cool with the LGBT community,” just before launching into what just might be the most blatantly homophobic attack ever uttered by someone claiming to be “cool with the LGBT community.”

“No batty man like Saucy Santana could talk to me. I’ll spit in your face, n-gga,” Akademiks said. “Me and you couldn’t have a conversation. You’re a cocksucker. We don’t talk to n-ggas like you.”

“You need to go get right with God. Go look in that mirror and figure out what the fuck going on with yourself,” he added. “We ain’t indicting people who are homosexuals, but a n-gga like you, you got a mental illness, my boy. You trying to mix it up with a n-gga like me.”

Yeah—that certainly sounds like a homophobic indictment though.

Notably, Santana responded to Akademiks with a homophobic slur of his own, which could possibly have been part of his angry reaction to hateful words that should anger anyone who stands against bigotry. Later on, Akademiks took to social media to literally cry about how he’s “not tryna get canceled.”

As for Santana’s VH1 interview, the full episode will premier on December 15.

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