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If there is one celebrity couple we should all be rooting for, it’s Rihanna and A$AP Rocky. Earlier this year, the “Umbrella” singer and the “Am I Dreaming” rapper welcomed their second child, Riot Rose, into the world and now, Rihanna is gushing over the father of her children and opening up about how parenting has strengthened and deepened their relationship.

“I love him differently as a dad,” Rihana declared during an interview with Page Six. “This is major, major…it’s a turn-on. It’s just like, wow. What a leader, what a great, patient, loving…and my kids are obsessed with him.”

For what it’s worth, A$AP also appears to be fully immersed in his new role as a father of two. In November, was asked by Complex if he would ever consider collaborating with Rihanna on a project at Puma, the fashion company where they both work as the creative directors of their respective clothing lines.

It appeared that the only artistic collaboration the “Praise the Lord” rapper was interested in discussing was the collaborative art of creating life with the love of his life.

“What could we team up and just like f—ing smash and go crazy on?” Rocky pondered. “I think we do a real great job at collaborating and making children.”

“I think that’s our best creation so far,” he said of his sons. “Nothing’s better than that.”

Rihanna and A$AP are superstars with iconic careers, but right now it appears they’re just two new parents in love and involved in their roles as caregivers of their children. And at a time when we hear more about the drama in the lives of celebrity couples than we do about love and light, their apparent happiness is a breath of fresh air.


Black love in a Black family—it’s a beautiful thing.

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