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Atlanta's Reesa Teesa Gets (Even More) Personal With Tamron Hall

Source: Photo Credit: ABC/Jeff Neira / ABC/Jeff Neira

Reesa Teesa has had a hectic and eventful couple of days. The Atlanta resident has captured the attention of many in ways she never anticipated. 

After sharing a 50-part heartfelt series on TikTok about a marriage that didn’t turn out to be what she thought, Reesa influenced millions. She spurred social media debates, group chats, and hilarious memes. 

Some fans would admit she even stopped their productivity.

Her storytelling ability and authentic voice were just that good. And no matter how often we watch Reesa’s content, we still have questions.


Reesa Teesa takes her story to the ‘Tamron Hall Show.’

Now, the TikToker takes her story to the Tamron Hall Show. She will join Tamron on stage next week. 

Getting personal with the host, Reesa Teesa won’t just discuss her estranged marriage but also the fallout and impact of social media fame.

According to leaked clips from the show, viral views, and widespread interest have not all translated positively for Reesa, and she’s faced negative backlash and comments. Reesa speaks on this during the show and tells Tamron how commentary has made her feel. 

Reesa addresses questions surrounding the motivation of her TikTok clips. The influencer denies the accusation that she posted videos for clout. “This is not the way to get clout because you are literally opening up yourself, and again, you are being vulnerable. Those hurt,” she says.

Reesa also turns to comments about her appearance and support (or lack thereof) from other TikTokers and personalities.

She answers Tamron’s questions about specific comments, saying, “The ones that talk about, and I know people have seen this, she does not look like what a VP would date. It was a woman; it was a TikTok creator who was talking about my looks. And then there was a person, a very famous personality, who called me a big back, talking about my weight.”

Atlanta's Reesa Teesa Gets (Even More) Personal With Tamron Hall

Source: Photo Credit: ABC/Jeff Neira / ABC/Jeff Neira

Reesa continues as the audience listens intently, “So there are things like that, that I can already admit that I am already self-conscious about as a heavier woman. I feel like how I look should not dictate whether or not I deserve love.”

While the initial frenzy has seemingly died down, Reesa’s videos continue to trend. The TikToker’s most-watched video has 38.5 M views. She has more than 38.6 M likes on her entire profile and 3.5 M followers.

Tune in on Monday, March 4, for more of Reesa Teesa’s story, and see the Tamron Hall Show clip below.


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