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Marjorie Taylor Greene was swiftly rebuked by congressional colleague Maxwell Frost for complaining about “Nazis in Ukraine” in a hearing.

On Wednesday (April 17) at a congressional hearing by the House Oversight Committee which was entitled “Defending America from the Chinese Communist Party’s Political Warfare,” Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene decided to devote her time to talk about another subject. “It’s amazing to me that just in a few years time, it’s now considered misinformation to talk about the Nazis in Ukraine,” Greene remarked.

“According to Christopher Wray, the FBI director, he said that [the Azov Brigade] has been recruiting and radicalizing and training American citizens for years. He also finished saying in his testimony to the U.S. Senate that American white supremacists are actually traveling overseas to train,” she added. “I don’t think anyone in the United States government — Americans do not support actual Nazis or white supremacists,” Greene concluded. “I know I certainly do not.” Those words wouldn’t go unchallenged, and Florida Democratic Representative Maxwell Alejandro Frost made sure of it.  “It’s interesting to hear my colleague just now talk about disavowing white supremacists when in 2022 you — she spoke at an event hosted by white supremacists and white nationalist Nick Fuentes,” Frost began. “And when asked about it, doubled down on it and said we’re gonna focus on people, not labels. So get out of here with that damn hypocrisy,” he added.

Frost’s words would be followed up by similarly strong comments by his fellow Floridian congressman, Jared Moskowitz. “Stop bringing up Nazis and Hitler. The only people who know about Nazis and Hitler are the 10 million people and their families who lost their loved ones — generations of people who were wiped out,” Moskowitz began. “It is enough of this disgusting behavior, using Nazis as propaganda. You want to talk about Nazis? Get yourself over to the Holocaust Museum. You go see what Nazis did. It’s despicable that we use that, and we allow it, and we sit here like somehow it’s regular,” he stated.

Greene’s referral to “Nazis in Ukraine” is related to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s repeated false claims, which he’s used to justify his nation’s invasion of Ukraine which began in February 2022. The Georgia congresswoman is also no stranger to domestic white supremacists like Milo Yiannnopoulos, who was embroiled in a scandal while running Kanye West’s political campaign.

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