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New Music Released This Week (May 20 – May 24):

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1. TJ Carroll – Grave Digger

Source:TJ Carroll

Drawing from his own life experiences, Florida’s TJ Carroll (@tjcarroll24) delivers a powerful message of overcoming obstacles and seizing every opportunity life presents with the release of “Grave Digger.” An uptempo Rap anthem that embodies resilience, triumph, and how the power of faith can pull you out of any grave situation you may find yourself in. With motivational lyrics and a hometown ballad vibe, the song is influenced by his personal journey of overcoming adversity.

Speaking to Medium Creative Agency in an exclusive press statement, TJ reveals: “My new song delves into the transformative power of faith and redemption. It’s a testament to the profound impact of grace, illustrating how the creator can resurrect us from the depths of despair as we live out our purpose to serve others.”

TJ Carroll is an independent Hip-Hop artist from Melbourne that has been releasing music, building his own discography and collaborating with other artists since 2020. He has several projects, including his mixtape, Soul Poem, the October Baby EP, and his collaborative project with the VERT Mob collective, VERT MUSIC 2. His most popular song to date “WAWA” was released in 2021, with help from Caleb Gordon & Ayomilly, has amassed 1M+ streams collectively across all platforms. 

2. Jalen Harris – Mi Dulce

Source:Jalen Harris - Topic

Actor and singer Jalen Harris has released his new high energy Latin single “Mi Dulce.” Produced by 2x GRAMMY winning recording engineer, mix engineer and producer Mack Woodward (Matt B, Usher, Fergie) this release is Jalen’s moment to highlight his Caribbean roots and showcase his ability to deliver cross-genre hits.

As a continuation of his debut EP ManneKin, “Mi Dulce” is one of the multiple singles coming in 2024. “In this song, I get to share some of my Caribbean roots, from a Spanglish angle. I hope it makes everyone dance and sing about their ‘sweet” thing,’ With reggaeton driving the heart of this record, I hope it is loved not only in the Caribbean or the U.S., but all over the world.”

Outside of his career as a theatrical performer, Jalen Harris is an accomplished singer and actor. He was initially discovered on season 10 of Fox’s American Idol and has since been cast for various television programs, theatrical tours and films such as Fist Fight (Warner Bros) and most recently his role in season 1 of Jordan Peele’s Lovecraft Country (HBO).

Jalen is a former Simba actor for the Tony Award-winning and critically acclaimed Disney’s The Lion King North American Broadway Tour and is recently wrapped starring as Eddie Kendricks of The Temptations in the renowned play Ain’t Too Proud after a record breaking & award winning two plus year US run.

Jalen is currently performing throughout NYC, including an event at The Apollo Theater for a new venture based on The Temptations legacy presented by Otis Williams titled Hit City.  While in New York, he will continue to work on new music with Jai Widdowson-Jones (Jay Z, Tyler the Creator).

3. Luhh Dyl – Go Missin (Carlee Russell)

Source:Luhh Dyl

After lighting up the internet and the culture, rising Detroit rapper Luhh Dyl officially announces his signing to 300 Entertainment! Today, he releases his next single “Go Missin” which was previously titled “Carlee Russell.” Listen HERE.

On the track, Luhh Dyl ignites a lyrical flurry over hypnotic 808s accented by boisterous horns. He turns up with charisma, confidence, and no shortage of energy as he delivers a hard-hitting refrain topped off with the chant, “I go missing.” 

The song was originally teased under the title ‘Carlee Russell’ via social media and gained traction sparking interest from fans and garnering hundreds of thousands of views and likes on TikTok. Demand increased for the song, originally only released on YouTube, prompting Dyl to finally release the song as “Go Missin” across all platforms. Watch the music video HERE.

Most importantly, “Go Missin” sets the stage for the arrival of his much-anticipated mixtape, Cart Music, coming very soon. He also preceded the latter with his breakout “Lalala,” piling up nearly 1 million streams and counting.

Luhh Dyl has continued to make waves throughout the game. He recently pulled up to “On The Radar” for a particularly fiery freestyle. Watch it HERE.  

Proudly representing the next vanguard of Detroit hip-hop, Luhh Dyl has asserted himself as one of the Midwest’s most vital voices. He grew up fast as the son of a single mother in Motor City. During high school, he went from spitting freestyles with his brothers to venturing into the studio for the first time where he leaned on music in the wake of his cousin’s death. Drawing on a myriad of styles and citing Michael Jackson as a core influence, the 20-year-old developed a chameleonic vision without comparison. He engaged a growing fanbase with independent projects like The Ticket and Rich By 2morrow as well as anthems such as “Lalala.” Attracting a fervent fan base online, he caught the attention of 300 Entertainment and inked a deal with the label. Now, he steps into the spotlight with “Go Missin” and more to come. He’s definitely up next…

4. skaiwater ft. KARRAHBOOO – wna torture me tn?


Today, artist and producer skaiwater announces their highly anticipated sophomore album, gigi, set to release on June 14th via GoodTalk/Capitol Music Group. Pre-order it HERE. In conjunction with the album announcement, skaiwater also drops their latest single, “wna torture me tn?” featuring the rising Atlanta rapper Karrahbooo.

The poignant track signifies a sonic shift for skaiwater, who adopts a slower tempo and ethereal vocals, while Karrahbooo seamlessly contributes an energetic yet smooth delivery with her assertive and unfiltered lyricism. “wna torture me tn?” explores the complexities and intensity of relationship dynamics, painting a vivid picture of highs and lows. Together, they navigate these themes, and make it clear that they’re longing for deeper connection amidst evident challenges, “I put that bitch through hell, I put that bitch through college, I sent that bitch a check, she went forgot about it”. Emotional transparency shines through in lyrics like: “You the only one that see me sweet, all these other ni**as see me tweak,” showcasing the vulnerability that can come with connection. Listen to the track HERE.

“wna torture me tn” arrives on the heels of skaiwaters track “bleach” – an infectious blend of energetic rap verses and velvety smooth vocals. Produced by skaiwater, “bleach” showcases skai’s resilience and vulnerability with an unparalleled rawness. Listen HERE. Following this, skaiwater released “light!,” a collaboration with multi-platinum, award-winning artist Lil Nas X. The track, produced by 9lives, marks Nas’ first solo feature collaboration and delves into the theme of young love, shedding ‘light’ on hidden toxicity. The pairing of skaiwater’s unique storytelling with Lil Nas X’s magnetic presence creates an unmatched duo, effortlessly fusing distinct, vibrant, and innovative styles. Since its release, “light!” has garnered praise from Rolling Stone, Complex, BET, Essence, Them, and more, amassing nearly half a million views. skaiwater and Lil Nas X’s collaboration stretches back to early days of social media. Their friendship blossomed, eventually leading to fruitful musical collaborations. Notably, skai’s involvement in Lil Nas X’s “Holiday” marked a significant milestone in their partnership which later led to skai joining Nas’ UK and European “Long Live Montero” tour. Both are set to appear on skai’s upcoming album, gigi.

In 2022, skaiwater experienced a breakout year with the release of their 11-track project, rave. This project included standout tracks like “boys don’t cry” and “miles,” featuring Lil Uzi Vert. rave resonated strongly with audiences, garnering millions of streams and making its mark on various music charts, including those on TikTok and Spotify. In the past year, skaiwater shared several tracks, including “emo hotel,” “good things,” and “good things 2” featuring Tana. These releases received support from Our Generation and RIFF Magazine, both of which praised their music for its “hypnotic beats,” attention-grabbing qualities, and “slick lyrics.” 2024 has already been career changing, with the arrival of “bleach” and “light!”. Skai remains active, collaborating with Skepta in the studio and appearing as a special guest on the Los Angeles date of PinkPantheress’ North American tour, signaling that this is just the beginning.

5. Quezz Ruthless – Y.N.S.

Source:Quezz Ruthless

A self-proclaimed “wild child” who has been making waves in the Memphis streets, Quezz Ruthless has no inhibitions when on the mic. Today, the young rapper looks to take the next step with his new mixtape, Y.N.S. Spanning 11 tracks, the tape is defined by Quezz’s tumbling flow, which slices through Tennessee trap percussion with reckless abandon. The Grim Reaper Gang rapper’s bars reflect his “Ruthless” artist name, showing no remorse for anyone who might cause an obstacle to his inevitable rise.

Short for Yung N**** Sh*t, the tape was created in honor of Quezz Ruthless’s brother and biggest inspiration: the late Big Scarr. Y.N.S. hosts “Big Scarr Flow Part 2,” in which Quezz channels the style of his older brother to get off some of his toughest bars to date: “How you a ape but you scared of Gorillas/I walk around with your stash in my denims/B*tch, I’m the big dog, I’m king of the kennel,” he spits. The tape’s final track, “Ain’t Stoppin‘,” produced by GRAMMY-nominated production duo The Trillionaires, features a posthumous verse from Scarr himself, as Quezz resolves to never stop paying tribute to his brother’s memory. In the video, shared today on Quezz’s YouTube, the young rapper holds a candlelit vigil for his brother, before going out in Memphis in his foreign and making the city his own.

The tape is home to “Y.N.S.,” a turbulent recent single, which Quezz dropped on his YT channel last week. Featuring an additional appearance from fellow Memphian BlocBoy JB on “Smiling,” Y.N.S. is available everywhere via Wild Child, LLC, distributed by Connect Music.

Quezz Ruthless is one of the most exciting young rappers in the bustling Memphis rap scene. He first earned notoriety with his guest spot on Big Scarr’s “MJ,” which has over 85 million global streams. Quezz built a cult following in Memphis with his 2023 mixtape, Wild Child, which has over 10 million streams. The rapper’s catalog generates over 200k on-demand streams per week across platform.

With Y.N.S. out now and much further to rise, Quezz Ruthless looks to honor his brother’s memory by going as hard as he can. Stay tuned for much more.

6. Alé Araya – SOLA CON LA LUNA

Source:Alé Araya

Los Angeles-based Chilean singer, songwriter, and producer Alé Araya returns with the release of her bilingual track “SOLA CON LA LUNA” accompanied by a spellbinding visual out now via Rostrum Records. The track is the product of a dynamic all-female team that includes Filipino producer/multi-instrumentalist Mirelle Cabangbang, Argentinian singer/songwriter Mechi Pieretti, and Alé who wrote and co-produced the song to brilliantly capture a shared journey of exploration with identity and self-acceptance that mirror the real life stories of the women. The track honors Alé’s dual background as a young first generation Chilean American artist as she sings in both English and Spanish, at the same time Mirelle Cabangbang is a producer and multi-instrumentalist with a Filipino background, while Mechi Pieretti is an Argentinian songwriter; adding a bigger aura of self discovering your identity in a autoreflexion journey throughout music. Comprised of a striking blend of jazz, electronic and Latin elements, the song serves as a striking canvas for listeners worldwide to see themselves fully and rooted in love providing an all-too-needed sense of unity and belonging, an element that is integral to Alé’s riveting art.

“SOLA CON LA LUNA” is part of a body of work that introduces a new era for Alé, one born from a period of deep self exploration and monumental personal growth. The track reveals Alé arriving fully in her strength and power following a journey of deep self acceptance and ultimate appreciation for the chaos of life, understanding there is also beauty in the complexity of it all. The release sees the young artist continuing to carve out a unique lane for herself in music as she expands her captivating sound that continues to thrill in its boundless nature, fusing sounds and notes from jazz, R&B, soul, Latin, pop, electronic music and beyond. 

Additionally, Alé Araya is having a headlining show tomorrow May 23rd in New York City at The Sultan Room. Musicians and multimedia artists Isa Reyes and SOPHIETHEHOMIE will be opening the show. Show and ticket info is found HERE

More to come from Alé soon.

7. MARIPOSA – Schizo


Today the thrilling Colombian and Italian artist MARIPOSA makes her explosive return with the announcement of her upcoming new Inframundo EP slated for release on July 12th. In celebration, she shares her roaring new single “Schizo” that showcases her exhilarating nitro fueled sound with fiercely confessional, menacing raps at the center of the new project that sets her apart from the pack. Produced by Luca Santamaria, the booming “Schizo” serves as the perfect canvas for a deep exploration of mental health lyrically and sonically, spotlighting the continued taboo that is alive and well amongst Latin American communities. In her wildly captivating and signature style, MARIPOSA bares herself, revealing the battles with her own mental health and her own work to put an end to conditions and struggles that continue to be passed down through generations. Also featuring the previously released fiery track “Bogotá”, the project will undeniably show why the young MARIPOSA is firmly one of the most exciting new artists in the Latin rap arena.

Additionally, MARIPOSA will be performing at Dour Festival in Belgium; where she will be performing alongside names such as Ice Spice, Arca, and other beloved artists from around the world.

The Amsterdam-based trilingual artist MARIPOSA taught herself how to make music and record from scratch as a vehicle for self-expression and healing. She is at the forefront of a movement shifting the music landscape to be more fluid and inclusive. With the teen Y2K aesthetic juxtaposed, MARIPOSA’s menacing raps speak on mental health, pushing up against social norms and empowerment. Continuing to redefine the landscape of Latin rap, MARIPOSA pushes the boundaries with her genre-defying sound. She represents a new generation that thrives at the intersection of cultures, languages, and genres, placing her multidimensional identities at the forefront of artistic expression. MARIPOSA’s music is rooted in immense honesty and transparency about her journey in hopes of uplifting others.

More to come from MARIPOSA soon.

8. Frank Walker – ORIGIN

Source:Frank Walker

Today, the Canadian DJ, producer and phenomenon Frank Walker formally introduces his long-awaited debut album, “ORIGIN”. An homage to his sonic roots, Walker stepped back in time and into the studio to create a nostalgic-meets-contemporary odyssey that distills the essence of a seminal generation of electronic music into a 14-track masterpiece. Inviting listeners into his world, “ORIGIN” weaves Walker’s larger-than-life melodies into one, cohesive story that signals an apex in his already prolific career and artistic portfolio to date.

Over the course of two years, Walker embarked on an introspective exploration into the inception of his own career. This brought the Toronto-born sensation back to his early days of DJing house parties in college, a time characterized by uplifting and emotive soundscapes that inspired more than dance, they fostered real human connection. The resulting body of work unfolds a deep, euphoric listening experience that showcases not only Walker’s undisputable talent and artistic versatility, but a distinct vision that is most authentically his own.

10 of the 14 tracks boast an impressive roster of global talent that pulls from an array of genres ranging from dance music and pop, to country to create a listening experience as diverse as it is captivating. The album first came to life with the harbinger “I Go Dancing”, a collaborative, lyrically charged hit released earlier this year with Ella Henderson that set the tone for the compositions that would follow. Other standout songs include “Missing You,” an aching country crossover with Grammy nominated country artist Nate Smith, “Good in Goodbye,” the entrancing collaboration with Trivecta, the invigorating and empowering “Bad Town” featuring Lucas Estrada, and “Waiting,” an effervescent ballad featuring Stephen Puth.

“ORIGIN is a journey back to the sounds, textures, and emotions that originally got me into dance music,” said Walker. “My debut album is a collection of emotionally driven dance songs, which explores a melange of emotions; uplifting festival moments, nostalgic ballads, and melancholic melodies. The process of creating this album allowed me to find my way back to my personal origins, and come home to creating a sound that is core to my identity as an electronic music producer.”

Immersed in sonics from an early age, dance music was always in the background of Frank Walker’s life, until it came to – and in fact became — the forefront. The Toronto-born producer was introduced to the genre at the same time as millions of people around the world, via Tiësto’s set during the opening ceremony of the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens. Then the EDM boom hit, and Walker started understanding dance music not just as casual listening, but as a passion that would soon evolve into a serious hobby, the ultimate catalyst for his career. After establishing himself as a fixture in the Toronto bar and club scene, Walker caught his big break in 2014 when he signed with Kygo and his manager Myles Shear’s Palm Tree Records. Walker has since played some of the world’s biggest dance festivals, from EDC Las Vegas to Ultra Japan, and in 2022 had his biggest touring year thus far, hitting the road in South America as a support for Kygo and scoring a mainstage slot at Ultra Miami. To date,  his catalog has amassed over 400 million global streams, cementing Walker as a serial chart-topper in the U.S. and Canada.

9. JonoJono – I’m Cool…I Guess


Alternative artist JonoJono unveils a deeply personal and raw album, “I’m Cool…I Guess.” The album chronicles JonoJono’s five-year journey of self-discovery, battling mental health struggles, addiction, and societal pressures.

JonoJono describes the album as a metaphor for a diamond’s formation – immense pressure, hardship, and self-reflection leading to a place of strength and brilliance. “This record is about the fight to become my authentic self,” says JonoJono. “While projecting a sense of coolness to the outside world, I was silencing my true voice and battling inner demons.”

“I’m Cool…I Guess” delves into vulnerability and the complexities of mental health. Tracks like “Shadeless,” the album’s foundation, mark the beginning of JonoJono’s liberation from addiction and suicidal thoughts.

JonoJono’s sound is a high-octane blend of rock and alternative genres, infused with heavy distortion and soul. The album speaks candidly about overcoming personal challenges, self-reflection, and mental health awareness.

“This album isn’t just about my story,” says JonoJono. “It’s about the countless people facing similar struggles. We need to create a space for open dialogue and build a support system for healing.”

10. ASTN – The Makeup Song

Source:ASTN Music

Rising R&B phenomenon ASTN weaves a tale of love and longing, captivating audiences once again with the release of his new single “The Makeup Song.” Available today on all streaming platforms via ASTN Music LLC / Interlude Records – Listen HERE

Alongside the release, ASTN also unveils the accompanying visualizer for his latest entry. In the video, viewers are immersed in the magic of a night out as he explores the swooning romantic highs and lows of love – Watch HERE

On the inspiration behind his new single, ASTN shares: “Going through rough patches in a relationship is inevitable, and sometimes it’s easier to give up than it is to make up. But what matters most is how you grow together and learn from those hard conversations. Being able to communicate and put differences aside to work towards a common goal of loving one another is what this song is all about.”

“The Makeup Song” is the second single off of ASTN’s forthcoming EP, What A Night To Be In Love, due this summer. It follows the impassioned gem “Soul, Body & Mind” released back in April, and both singles reveal an emotional depth to ASTN’s songwriting. 

A nod to his constant evolution as an artist, What A Night To Be In Love is the follow-up to 2023’s Where Do We Go From Here? EP, which has clocked over 25 million streams across platforms and received media praise from V Magazine, VIBE, Entertainment Tonight, and Rated R&B to name a few. 

Check out “The Makeup Song” above and stay tuned for more announcements from ASTN in the coming weeks. 

11. Brandon Bales – EVERYTHING IS QUIET

Source:Brandon Bales

21-year-old singer-songwriter Braden Bales is back with his new single, “EVERYTHING IS QUIET” . The single gives listeners a deeper look into Braden’s love life. Life on the road can be challenging for every artist, especially while being in a romantic relationship, but “EVERYTHING IS QUIET” is a love letter from Braden to his girlfriend expressing how he feels when he is with her amongst all the craziness surrounding his life while being out on tour. This single truly puts you in your feels but in the best way possible.

12. Niko Brim – Marleys

Source:Niko Brim

Today, Niko Brim returns with a brand new video for a highlight track off of his latest album, Hues. The video for “Marleys” follows on from last month’s “Southside Sundayz,” continuing Niko’s consistent string of visuals to keep the momentum going.

Just last week, Niko celebrated his feature on the critically acclaimed album Please Don’t Cry by 3x Grammy-nominated artist Rapsody. Niko stands out as the only featured artist to have his own track, titled “Niko’s Interlude,” where his smooth hook transitions seamlessly into “Raw” by Rapsody and hip-hop legend Lil Wayne.

Building on this momentum, Niko will join Rapsody on her upcoming Please Don’t Cry Tour, which includes shows across the U.S. and E.U. Kicking off on September 6th in Berlin, Germany, Niko will accompany Rapsody with live performances in Amsterdam, Paris, and London before returning to the U.S. for the tour’s American leg.

TICKETS: For tickets and more information please click HERE.

13. MonoNeon – Segreghetto


GRAMMY Award-Winning bassist and experimental musician, MonoNeon, gives listeners another taste from his upcoming album, Quilted Stereo, with his upbeat and unifying new single, Segreghetto,” released via Court Square Recordings.

Kicking off with a fast-paced drum beat, “Segreghetto” instantly grabs listeners’ attention as the track evolves with a signature MonoNeon bassline. The beats continue throughout the song, allowing MonoNeon’s rap verses to be at the forefront of the track as he uses clever wordplay and a catchy chorus to preach a message of unity, “from Orange Mound to Compton.” The track is a masterful fusion of jazz, rap, and more, once again exhibiting his genre-blending prowess that makes his sound unique. The accompanying music video is the perfect visual representation of the single, showing MonoNeon on a pier dancing to the track in one of his signature quilted outfits, even donning a split-color ski mask. WATCH HERE

“The term ‘Segreghetto’ encapsulates the intersection.. them crossroads of segregation and ghettoization… perseverance in this human experience,” explains MonoNeon. “‘Segreghetto’ is a thang where it’s a testament to the enduring spirit of yourself in your community and culture. Like offering a voice to those that are overlooked or misunderstood… carving out your own path even in the midst of systemic inequalities. When me and my friend Davy were writing the song ‘Segreghetto,’ I felt like this junt could be  inspiration to anyone willing to defy the odds and chase their dreams, wanting that gold medal.. no matter the obstacles that lie in their path and journey.”

“Segreghetto” followed on the heels of Quilted!,” a funky early taste of MonoNeon’s upcoming album, Quilted Stereo, with a feature by Parliament-Funkadelic’s George Clinton. Fans can look forward to another iconic collaboration on the album with a Mavis Staples feature on the track “Full Circle.” Quilted Stereo is set to propel MonoNeon as a leader in the experimental music space. Across the nine tracks, he displays an expert knowledge of blurring genre lines to create his own unique musical style. Fans can presave the album digitally HERE and preorder the vinyl HERE.

Boasting collaborations with Prince, Nas, Ne-Yo, Mac Miller, and other legendary artists, MonoNeon has solidified himself as a versatile backbone in the music industry. Self described as quirky, the quilted clothing often worn by the artist gives him a signature look to match his signature sound and digital content that has amassed hundreds of thousands of followers and millions of views. His distinct blend of funk, hip-hop, blues, and a myriad of other influences are fused to create what can only be described as a sonic quilt. 

Last month, MonoNeon completed a 10-show run at the historic Blue Note in New York city, joined by special guests including Eric Gales, Eshu Tune (Hannibal Buress), and Mike Stern. In July, he’ll bring his electric live show on a 13-date US run, performing in Nashville, Boston, Oakland, and more. Fans can purchase tickets HERE.

14. Sam Blacky & Niniola – Ronaldinho

Source:Sam Blacky

Powerhouse LA-based DJ/producer Sam Blacky partners with Grammy-nominated African singer-songwriter hailing from Nigeria, Niniola, for their new single “Ronaldinho,” which celebrates the former’s love for afro house and the latter’s Nigerian history in a dynamic, soulful sonic journey. Sam has long loved pushing the boundaries of dance music and breaking music genres’ molds, and over the past few years, it’s become apparent that her true passion lies in creating globally-inspired, dance-worthy records. “Ronaldinho” is a shining example of this with its undulating, deep basslines, percussive instrumentals, and ethereal melodies courtesy of Sam, while Niniola’s shining vocals truly turn the song into a spiritual listening experience. With the summer festival season just heating up, “Ronaldinho” is about to be heard on the beach, the festival stage, and the club dance floors around the world. The track is out now on Easier Said, which finds Sam exercising her artistic freedom by once again joining a formidable roster of forward-thinking artists such as Barclay Crenshaw, Life on Planets, Maya Jane Coles, Party Pupils, and Todd Terry.

As the years have passed, my passion has become more and more integrated with what we know as afro house. When the opportunity came up to work with one of the original, most iconic singers in that realm, all the way from Nigeria, there was no question. I heard what Niniola had done with the vocals for Ronaldinho and knew I had to make this song with her. Having someone who is such an amazing storyteller, with such an incredible voice, who has lived this life through and through brings an entirely different message and meaning to the music.” – Sam Blacky

15. Vince Staples – Dark Times

Source:Vince Staples

Vince Staples today released his eighth studio album, Dark Times via Blacksmith Records / Def Jam Recordings. A new era in the prolific artist’s canon, the album is a muscular and revelatory work refining elements that have been present in his catalog for the last decade: dense lyricism over lush, layered beats; wry, melancholic observations about life; finding pockets of light in an endless dark. Listen to Dark Times HERE.
The guest voices on the album are limited to samples, friends popping up in the studio, and a narrative outro by Santigold, the iconic alt singer-songwriter, who tells Staples about an apocalyptic, yet awe-inspiring dream she once had. 
On the track “Liars,” Staples also includes an iconic excerpt of Nikki Giovanni and James Baldwin in conversation in 1973, debating about Black love. “Lie to me, smile,” Giovanni declares, urging Black men to show Black women respect and care. “That was one of my non-negotiables,” Staples says of having this interlude on the album, inspired by Giovanni’s persistence. “She was very adamant in what she was saying, and she was going to get her point across.”
He’s similarly introspective in “Government Cheese,” rapping about an imprisoned friend who calls him up after seeing him on TV. “Asked how he was/Said he seen me on ABC/Told him that I was good/Wonder if he believed,” Staples raps. A few lines later, Staples talks about the death of his older brother, and how it humbled him, forcing him to reflect on the fragility of life in a new way. 
Staples balances out the melancholy with celebratory tracks, including “Étouffée,” a bouncy ode to his familial roots in Louisiana, and “Little Homies,” a word of encouragement to the younger generation, the chorus of which flows like a mantra: “Life hard, but I go harder/Streets cold, but the road taught us/Concrete where the rose blossom.” 
In “Freeman,” the final song before Santigold’s outro, Staples reflects on his life with cool bravado: “It feels good to be a free man with clenched hands/I used to pray to find a way to make a label advance/But nowadays 100K ain’t even getting my glance/Ain’t even setting up no meeting ’til they meet my demands.” But as the song progresses, he drifts into a more zen place: “I understand I’m just a grain of sand and life is a beach/Only heaven knows whichever way I’ll blow in the breeze.” 

The lines mirror Staples’s entire philosophy about making Dark Times. “It’s a testament to where I am right now and how I view things—it’s just a timestamp,” Staples says. “I might not feel like that again tomorrow. But in the process of making this project, these were the things that spoke to me.”
Staples gave fans a preview of the project sharing the first single and accompanying visual for “Shame On the Devil” ahead of its release.  The track features Staples rapping over a warm, spectral beat, ruminating on how anointed his life is now, in spite of bouts of loneliness and fallouts with friends.  “Mission complete, out of the mud, labeled a ‘leader” they following cuz,” he raps. “Light on my feet, floating above/I don’t be creeping or keeping in touch.” 
In support of the album, Staples will kick off his BLACK IN EUROPA TOUR on June 4th at Live Music Hall in Köln, Germany.  The tour will make stops in Berlin, Paris, London, and more before wrapping in Oslo in August. For tickets and the full list of dates, please visit
Dark Times follows Staples’ 2022 critically acclaimed album Ramona Park Broke My Heart, which was hailed as one of the best albums of the year by Clash, Complex, The Fader, Rolling Stone, and Vulture among others. The Los Angeles Times praised Staples as “a nimble rapper, deftly maneuvering through verses depicting the street politics of his native Long Beach,” while Pitchfork called the album “a richly detailed, deadpan elegy for his stolen youth.” Complex highlighted it as “a modern West Coast rap album embracing three decades of hip-hop history,” while NME called it “a beautifully personal reflection from start to finish,” with WIRED commending the album as “a remarkable feat in an aesthetic project concerned with locating meaning in the inevitable realities that trap us.”
Demonstrating that his talent cannot be confined to one medium, Staples also wrote, produced, and stars in the critically acclaimed Netflix series The Vince Staples Show, which debuted earlier this year. Inspired by life in his hometown of Long Beach, California, the show was praised as “dark, hilarious, intriguingly frank… laugh-out-loud funny” by Entertainment Weekly, while The New York Times described it as “mordantly funny and visually arresting.” The Guardian hailed it as “a wonderfully surreal exercise in Black creativity,” adding that “[Staples] is an endlessly compelling presence,” with COLLIDER lauding it as “one of the most confident new series of 2024…never a dull moment on screen.”

16. Matt B ft. JZyNO -Need Some Wine (Remix)

Source:Matt B

GRAMMY-nominated global artist Matt B has revealed the details of his forthcoming EP AMANZI, out June 21st via Vitae Records. Translating to ‘water’ in the African language of Zulu, AMANZI marks a new chapter in Matt’s career as he surrenders to the restorative and healing energy of natural elements.

Today, Matt also shares the heartfelt devotional single “My Light” which reflects on the journey of finding a life partner and celebrates the profound love shared between that perfect match. Directed by his wife, manager, and producer Angela Benson, the accompanying scenic visual shows Matt at the beach, joined by a dancer from The Chocolate Drops, as he sings about finally finding that special someone.

On the single Matt says, “We all are in search of love or a relationship with deeper meaning. Throughout our journey of life, this is one of the most difficult things to find. When that perfect someone crosses paths with you, it’s like everything just clicks all at once. All of the other relationships prior to meeting this person mean nothing. All you want is for this person to be yours. This record represents that deep admiration and expressing the love that you feel for them.”

I wanted the video to express a sense of longing,” he adds. “The water represents renewal and cleansing. The dancer’s elegant and almost ritualistic moves not only represent the light that I see and feel in my heart towards the person I love but also a renewed sense of personal being and awareness.

My Light” will be featured alongside the previously released upbeat and lighthearted “Need Some Wine” and the sensual “My Way” on the forthcoming EP. AMANZI follows his 2023 critically acclaimed Afrobeats album ALKEBULAN (pronounced al-kee-boulan), a powerful display of Matt’s artistry as he aims to build a bridge of unity between his Motherland and America, which debuted on six Billboard charts including Top New Artist Albums, Top Albums, Top Current Album Sales, and on Digital Albums. Meaning “Mother of Mankind,” the album offers a culturally rich listening experience infused with African elements such as conga shakers, djembe and bougarabou drums, and call-and-response singing, elevating the soundscape he has so brilliantly captured with his various Afro-inspired releases. 

Recognized for his artistry and cultural contributions, Matt was named the 2023 Artist of the Year by The Los Angeles Tribune who called ALKEBULAN…an audacious journey through sound, history, and soul…an invitation to experience the art of a man who is not only reshaping the contours of genre but is also redefining the power of music to connect us to our past and propel us into our future.” While the project first started as a way for Matt to search for his identity and come to terms with his purpose as both a person and artist, ALKEBULAN ultimately reignited the spark needed to fuel his creativity unlike ever before as he rediscovered his purpose and love for music.

17. Maiya The Don – Frenzy

Source:Maiya The Don

Today, Brooklyn’s own savvy, lyrically confident, and on the brink lyricist, Maiya The Don drops ‘Frenzy,’ a new bundle release – click HERE to listen. The bass heavy and confident record was produced by NOC (21 Savage / City Girls) & Dopeboyz Muzik (Jeezy). 

“I got the girls in a frenzy; crazy how none of them check me,” Maiya spits in her fierce and far from benevolent tone. Already bold, the remix adds a little bit Brooklyn-focused flavor and a call of support to the women athletes regularly showing out and performing at peak down at Barclays Center. An anthemic release, it’s already being teased and played at the openings of the WNBA Liberty’s NY home games; and in support she and the team did a collaborative reel on Instagram with Maiya encouraging all to pull up this summer to support the WNBA team, and rock their seafoam green.

This bundle follows Maiya’s recent remix of her track “Expensive” with Flo Milli, as well as its predecessor, “Mean It.” Both tracks were produced by Bankroll Got It and found Maiya offering her signature braggadocious wit and flow, while further highlighting her expansion in songwriting. The original “Expensive” was released on her debut mixtape Hot Commodity.

Maiya takes that same bold energy to the stage and was seen at Rolling Loud California in LA back in March, where she performed fan favorites from her mixtape. And on July 20, she’ll be headlining her first show at SOB’s in NYC. Tickets available HERE.

Even earlier in the year, Maiya was selected to be in YouTube’s #FIFTYDEEP Music Class of 2024; which includes a cohort of artists, songwriters and producers in the hip-hop space from around the globe. Additionally, at the end of last year she collaborated with TELFAR for their debut release of the iconic Washed Denim shopping bag and accessories.

Maiya The Don’s critically-lauded debut mixtape, Hot Commodity, which included her single, “In Your Hands” featuring Grammy award-winning songwriter and rapper, Ty Dolla $ign (listen HERE), was a swift, slick and clever wordplay-laden project, akin to days of Lil’ Kim, Foxy Brown and inspired by Cardi B’s debut. Hot Commodity put a spotlight on Maiya’s nimble lyricism and tonal specification to each track. In full, the mixtape encapsulated her bold, braggadocious, and bouncy persona as she rhymes us bar for bar through her growth and experiences.

Stay tuned for even more from Maiya The Don coming soon!

18. DIESEL, NITTI & 1999 WRITE THE FUTURE ft. Shaquille O’Neal – Raw I Know I Got It


Continuing to transcend expectations, today, music collective 1999 WRITE THE FUTURE releases new single “Raw I Know I Got It” featuring NBA legend, rapper and DJ Shaquille O’Neal, aka DIESEL, alongside Los Angeles-based DJ & producer NITTI. The track is out now via 88rising and RCA Records—listen HERE.


“Raw I Know I Got It” is a minute and a half-long victory lap from the Hall of Fame basketball player, who intros the track with audio of him being picked number one overall at the 1992 NBA Draft. Backed by a beat as big as the former Lakers center, SHAQ drops bar after bar about smashing backboards, his “quadruple platinum” NBA record and obtaining global respect. Long revered in the industry, Shaquille O’Neal has dominated hip hop with certified hits like “What’s Up Doc? (Can We Rock)” and “Bodies Freestyle,” as well as electronic music under the alias DIESEL with tracks like “Bang Your Head,” “Gorilla Warfare” and “Heat.” In “Raw I Know I Got It,” SHAQ puts his musical chops on display for 1999 WRITE THE FUTURE, name-dropping his All-Star crew, from Inside the NBA co-panelist Kenny Smith to the late legend Kobe Bryant.

The new track follows the releases of 1999 WRITE THE FUTURE’s latest singles “fIT chECK fREEsTYle” with pop experimentalist Jean Dawson, “WhAT yoU WaNT” with genre-bending artist Deb Never and “PUMP IT UP ε=┌(^_^)┘,” featuring Indonesian rap powerhouse, singer and producer Rich Brian and breakout rapper TiaCorine.


Earlier this year, 1999 WRITE THE FUTURE released their debut compilation project, hella (˃̣̣̥╭╮˂̣̣̥) ✧ ♡ ‧º·˚:, which features genre-spanning collaborations from the likes of Rich Brian, Warren Hue, Ghostface Killah, Busta Rhymes, Smino, Cuco, Amaarae, Offset, BADBADNOTGOOD, Westside Gunn, Dumbfoundead and more. The album boasts A-list features across 24 songs, pulling back the curtain on 1999 WRITE THE FUTURE’S anachronistic lore while capturing the sights, sounds and vibrancy of Northern California culture and beyond, through the lens of 88rising honcho Sean Miyashiro’s childhood nostalgia and wonder. Listen to the full project HERE.

Stay tuned for more from 1999 WRITE THE FUTURE.

19. Shenseea – Never Gets Late Here


GRAMMY-nominated, chart-topping Jamaican artist, Shenseea has released her sophomore album, Never Gets Late Here via Rich Immigrants/Interscope Records. Featuring special guest features such as Wizkid, Coi Leray, Anitta, Masicka and Di Genius, the album is a kaleidoscope of rhythms and genre crossing music further reinforcing Shenseea’s signature sound. Listen to the album now:

Speaking on the making of her sophomore album, Shenseea shares: “This album was curated with timeless records that appeal to many cultures. Still maintaining my Jamaican authenticity, I infused my affinity for other genres such as Pop and R&B. My fans will find summer anthems and songs to bring them motivation, joy and inspiration. I’m excited to share this with the world!”

Executive produced by chart-topping hip-hop producer London on Da Track, Shenseea masterfully blends deejaying and dancehall patterns with hip hop, R&B and pop elements across the fourteen tracks. The album kicks off with a stirring ballad “Face Lift” showcasing Shenseea’s powerhouse vocals, balancing out her quickfire patois on tracks like “Hit & Run” Tap Out” and “Na Na.” Shenseea then recruits Brazilian megastar Anitta on “Red Flag” for a summer ready anthem while the Wizkid featured track “Work Me Out” is a glossy, R&B production with an insatiable hook closing out the brilliant new album.

Across the fourteen tracks, Shenseea proves the strength of her songwriting and ability to create pockets of infectious melodies resulting in a truly unique body of work.

Celebrating the release of Never Gets Late Here, Shenseea also treated fans to the official video for new track “Flava” featuring Coi Leray. The video, shot in Kingston, Jamaica, during carnival season is out now:

20. Sango – North Vol. 2

Source:Sango - Topic

After teasing it since fall 2023, Sango releases North Vol. 2, the long-awaited follow-up to his breakout 2013 album North. The album serves as a showcase for Sango’s continued evolution as a producer, realizing the skills that he honed producing for the likes of Frank Ocean, Drake, Tinashe, Bryson Tiller and more to deliver his greatest body of work to date. 

Since first emerging on the scene, Sango has quietly amassed a massive catalog that explores the entire spectrum of music. From the baile funk of his celebrated Da Rocinha series to the lush soul of his 2018 album In The Comfort Of or his cult classic remixes of artists like Aaliyah, Drake, Little Dragon, The Weeknd and more – he’s done it all. Regardless of the genre of music he decides to dive into next, “Sango’s music will make you want to dance – and replenish yourself,” as noted by the Washington Post.

Sango had always shown a keen interest in music even before adopting his moniker, cutting his teeth at 12 years old by producing music alongside his older brother and his friends. His work mainly focuses on hip-hop and soul-influenced beats that, over the years, have been able to come together as his own distinctive, innovative sound. He is a master of Brazilian funk samples, electronic beats, and the demonstration of cultural unity through sound. Sango remains a member of collective Soulection, the influential Los Angeles-based music collective launched in 2011. 

21. Tekno – Wayo

Source:emPawa Africa

On the back of his acclaimed 2023 album The More The Better, and as he embarks on his North American tour next month, afrobeats icon and award-winning Nigerian musician and producer TEKNO is excited to usher in a new musical era with his brand new single titled ‘WAYO’. Written and produced by Tekno and GRAMMY Award-nominated hitmaker ShugaVybz, this new single is the first offering to come out of his ground-breaking new partnership with emPawa Africa, the innovative independent label founded by Mr Eazi, which will see Tekno becoming an investor and partner in the label.

Driven by infectious percussions, hypnotic synths, and lush guitar arrangements, and held together by Tekno’s enchanting vocal performance and captivating storytelling, ‘Wayo’ – which means to “scam” or deceive someone in Nigerian slang – sees Tekno reassuring his lover of his pure intentions and undying devotion to her, making sure to let her know, “I no come do wayo”. The glorious new offering also comes with a cinematic music video set against the vibrant city of Lagos, and starring Tekno and Nollywood sensation Uzoamaka Aniunoh as a couple navigating the highs and lows of their relationship.

Directed by Forbes 30 Under 30 filmmaker Dammy Twitch, who has also worked with the likes of Davido, Yung Bleu, and DaBaby, the music video for ‘Wayo’ brings to life a heartfelt narrative of love, resilience, and forgiveness, beautifully complementing the song’s resonant lyrics and rhythm. Taking viewers on a vivid journey through the bustling streets of Lagos Island, the video captures the essence of the city’s pulsating spirit and dating culture, with the visuals emphasising the themes of love and forgiveness, showing how Tekno and his lover overcome their relationship challenges.

Wayo’ is also the first fruit of Tekno’s ground-breaking new deal with emPawa Africa, the brainchild of global music star Mr Eazi. Their game changing joint venture will see Tekno’s Cartel Music imprint releasing some exciting new music via emPawa Africa, with Tekno also set to become a partner and invest in emPawa Africa in its next capital call round. With emPawa Africa revered as a trailblazer in discovering and nurturing talent across the continent, Tekno’s ability to foster budding talent perfectly aligns with the company’s ethos. This strategic partnership promises an infusion of fresh perspectives, and unparalleled value, in sync with both parties’ mission to empower African creatives.

Speaking about his new partnership with Mr Eazi’s emPawa Africa, Tekno says, “This strategic alliance with Empawa promises to be a gamechanger for the African music industry and a beacon of opportunity for artists. We look forward to seeing how this partnership will catalyse the growth of emPawa Africa, its artists, and the broader African music ecosystem”, with Mr Eazi adding how, “With this deal with Tekno and Cartel Music, we are ushering in a new phase of emPawa. This phase will see us partnering with African artists at different stages of their career who want to maintain financial and creative freedom, yet move from talent for hire to equity participation. It’s a first-of-its-kind deal for afrobeats”.

22. Summer Dennis ft. Kaash Paige – Pink Lotus

Source:Summer Dennis Music

Attention all music lovers and enthusiasts! Brace yourselves for an electrifying musical journey as the sensational Summer Dennis unveils her latest masterpiece: “Pink Lotus.” The “Everything” singer is back and she is reclaiming her time and sensuality with the help of Dallas rap sensation Kaash Paige. The sultry, sexy, sensual track is a ladies anthem for the next chapter in the narrative started in Summer’s last album Mr. Wonderful is Dead. With relationship woes a thing of the past, Summer is ready to navigate the world of dating in 2024. Stream “Pink Lotus” HERE

Pink Lotus” is a fusion of soulful melodies, captivating rhythms, and heady lyrics that transport listeners to a realm of pure euphoria. With her enchanting vocals and impeccable artistry, Summer Dennis effortlessly weaves a narrative of sex, empowerment, and self-discovery. 

Experience the magic of “Pink Lotus” on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and more HERE.

Don’t miss out on this musical sensation! Tune in, turn up the volume, and let the enchanting melodies of “Pink Lotus” serenade your soul. 

Let’s celebrate the release of “Pink Lotus” together! Share your thoughts, feelings, and favorite lyrics using the hashtag #PinkLotusSummerDennis and tag @itstheSummer on social media.

23. Kenya Vaun ft. Hunna G – Strike 3 Freestyle

Source:Kenya Vaun

24. De Royce – City Girls

Source:De Royce

De Royce Releases “City Girls” Single After Well Received On The Radar Performance 

New York native De Royce hits smooth notes and procures a nice vibe for the ears with his new single “City Girls.” Royce is all for making women feel good and aims to empower them with his distinctive, creative vocal style which sonically is similar to Tory Lanez. 

25. Adrian Marcel ft. Jane Handcock – So Good

Source:Adrian Marcel

The soulful voice behind the hit single 2AM, Adrian Marcel has joined forces with Jane Handcock for his new single So Good from his newest project – RNBAY SZN – out now. Download / Stream here

 Embodying the spirt and sounds of the Bay Area, So Good introduces listeners to a fresh genre, RNBAY, that Marcel and producer Sonny B. of CRSB have been pioneering. Inspired by their home-town’s unique sound landscape, the legend Clyde Carson, and the timeless vibe of Michael Jackson’s Off the Wall. Marcel and Handcock, with Sonny B.’s production expertise, aimed to blend these elements to create a track that resonates with both nostalgia and contemporary flair. So Good is the perfect title, according to Marcel, as it encompasses the feeling and energy from the inception of the track to its final cut. Making the single an ultimate year-round anthem.

 Adrian Marcel further expressed his excitement about the single, saying, ‘So Good’ represents more than just a song; it’s a homage to the Bay, to the legends like Clyde Carson who’ve paved the way, and to the future of our sound. It’s a record that you can vibe to at anytime, anywhere, and it encapsulates everything the Bay Area stands for – innovation, resilience, and, above all, good vibes.

 Dive into the heart of So Good and feel the RNBAY vibes that Adrian Marcel, Jane Handcock, and Sonny B. have masterfully crafted. This isn’t just a song; it’s a homage, a movement, and a fresh chapter in music history.


26. Sugarhill Ddot – LIke This


Today, breakout New York City teenaged rapper Sugarhill Ddot unveils an emotional breezy new single and music video “Like This” out now via Priority RecordsListen HERE. Watch the video HERE.

“Like This” produced by Scott Bridgeway (Baby Keem, Chlöe, Kendrick Lamar) notably revolves around an iconic R&B sample injecting new life into Ginuwine’s gold-certified 2001 classic “Differences.” The track’s smooth pulsating bassline thumps like a heartbeat, kicking into high-gear from the jump. Sugarhill Ddot seamlessly alternates his youthful cadence between sharp verses and a heartbroken, yet chantable chorus, “Why are you treating me like this?” In the accompanying visual directed by Shakka Ranks, Sugarhill Ddot pulls up to a New York City bowling alley where he enjoys a laidback and lowkey date between arcade games and strikes. The teenager raps to the camera exuding confidence and charisma.

The buzzing New York-born force of nature at only 16-years-old shows no signs of stopping or slowing down. In April, he turned up on the introspective “Tweakin,” generating millions of streams alongside releasing the dark music video.

This year Sugarhill Ddot made his Rolling Loud debut and kicked off the year with his single “Outside.” Last year Sugarhill Ddot dropped a slew of singles from the high-intensity “Spinnin’ Pt. 2” with BBG Steppaa. It was preceded by “My Baby,” the rambunctious “Shake It,” “Make A Mess,” and the Miami-inspired “3AM In The Yams.” That track quickly made waves, hitting over one million video views within four days. It’s a testament to Ddot meteoric rise to prominence. To kick off his Priority Records debut the young MC dropped the MCVertt (Lil Uzi Vert) produced standout track “Let Ha Go” alongside a striking George Buford (Ice Spice) directed video

Beginning at age 13, Ddot quickly made waves with his abilities. Through YouTube, his self-released tracks “I Wanna Love You,” “Dream,” and “The Real Purge” have racked up nearly 20 million combined views — and those conventional metrics only capture a small slice of this phenomenon’s first steps to stardom. To date, he has amassed nearly 75 million streams in the U.S. alone in his budding career. 

27. Skilla Baby – Bulletproof

Source:Skilla Baby

Flaunting a scorching signature style without comparison, rising Detroit rapper Skilla Baby unleashes his new music video for “Bulletproof” off his mixtape The Coldest out now via Geffen Records. 

Skilla Baby has been on a hot streak with recent plugs in the Associated PressGaloreBillboardStereogumRolling Out (cover story) and more. Among many accolades, BET named him a “BET Amplified Artist” for April.

Next up, the “Vultures Eat The Most” Tour takes him across the country on his most extensive jaunt yet. It kicks off on May 30 at Level 13 in Orlando, FL and rolls through major markets such as Orlando, Boston, New York, and Minneapolis, before coming to a close at House of Blues in Dallas on July 2. It follows his touring experience hitting the road with Offset and Travis Scott.

Thus far, Skilla Baby has piled up over 350 million streams. He has notched major co-signs from the likes of Jack Harlow, Southside, Coi Leray, City Girls, Rylo Rodriguez, Rob49, Tee Grizzley, Luh Tyler, YTB Fatt, and many others.

28. Nelly Furtado, Tove Lo, SG Lewis – Love Bites

Source:Nelly Furtado

Today, GRAMMY Award-winning, multi-platinum artist and global superstar, Nelly Furtado releases her brand-new single “Love Bites” featuring Tove Lo and SG Lewis today via Nelstar/21 Entertainment/Universal Music Canada/Republic Records/Casablanca Records/Polydor Records.

Co-written by Nelly Furtado, Tove Lo, and SG Lewis, and produced by SG Lewis, “Love Bites” is a sultry dance anthem that channels the energy and escapism of dance floors and live DJ sets that sparked Furtado’s inspiration.

“I felt called back to music from the DJ community,” says Furtado. “DJs were remixing my songs at concerts, clubs, and on social media, and I realized how much people like to dance and escape to my music. It’s the healthiest vice you can have, and I love the opportunity to write music that lets people escape more than anything.”

Over the past year, the undisputed icon of millennium pop has connected with a brand-new audience of Gen Z fans who have surged her multi-platinum hit singles. In 2023 alone, Furtado racked up 1.5 billion streams bringing her global streaming tally to over 20 billion. Last week, Nelly Furtado entered the YouTube Billion Views Club as the music video for her RIAA 4x Platinum Certified single “Say It Right” reached over 1 billion views. While her music trends on social media and is remixed by DJs around the world, Nelly Furtado has been thrilling her global fan base with new collaborations and surprise performances on stages such as Coachella and Lollapalooza.  

This weekend, Furtado is performing at Gröna Lund Festival in Sweden, the latest in her summer-long run of festival dates in the US, UK, Mexico, and Europe which includes co-headlining sets at Fan Fest EURO 2024 alongside Ed Sheeran and Isle of MTV Maltaalongside DJ Snake and RAYE. See Nelly Furtado’s announced performance dates below and visit her website HERE for ticket details.

29. SadBoi – BARE CHAT


Launching her career with a powerful statement, today SadBoi unveils her debut EP “Bare Chat,” available now on all digital platforms via LVRN Records/The Orchard – LISTEN HERE

SadBoi delivers a compelling mix of baile funk and drill beats, crafting a sound that’s both vibrant and authentic to Toronto’s rich cultural tapestry. “Bare Chat,” a term from her hometown, signifies engaging in extensive conversation, and this EP does just that. SadBoi candidly explores the emotional spectrum of girls caught between heartbreak and readiness for revenge, creating an anthem for those navigating complex relationships.

Guest features on the project include the dynamic ‘Area Codes’ rapper Kaliii and Brazilian artists Tasha & Tracie, adding an international flair to the already diverse soundscape.

Earlier this year, SadBoi joined forces with alt-pop artist/producer Lolo Zouaï for a stellar remix of her previously released single “Potential.” Originally released in June 2023, the Caribbean-infused track garnered over 1 million streams on Spotify and secured SadBoi a spot on the platform’s highly coveted Best Pop Songs of 2023 year-end playlist. Having recently supported Nia Archives on the “Up Ya Archives” tour and Ayra Starr on the “21: The World Tour” across North America last year, the powerhouse dominated 2023 with a series of electrifying performances, solidifying her status as a standout artist to watch this year. 

30. GROOVY – Crying in the Club


Blending and mutating sounds from Jersey Club and R&B into new alluring shapes he describes as the “luv club” genre, GROOVY makes music for contemplative late nights. Delivering a body of work that explores the complications of young love, the New Jersey native shares Crying In The Club, his new EP, available everywhere via Defiant Records/Warner Records. The young artist also shares the video for “Mariah,” a collaboration with fellow genre-bender Kanii. Listen HERE and watch the video HERE.

GROOVY’s new EP refines his singular hybrid sound. The genre he has coined as “Luv club” is designed more for the drives home from the club than the sweaty and frenetic peak hours. It slows down the tempo, but keeps the signature sounds that define Jersey club: squeaking samples, rhythmic sound effects, and the genre’s signature five-beat pattern. GROOVY’s R&B vocal approach suits the moody atmosphere, as he layers silky smooth melodies and relatable lyrics over his lush instrumentals produced by frequent collaborator Alejandro, who also executive-produced the EP and produced singles “jersey luv” and “KNO ME.

The Crying In The Club EP follows a loose narrative, detailing GROOVY’s journey from hopeless romantic to regretful cheater. The album’s opening tracks, the Robin S.-referencing “showmeluv” and the smash hit “jersey luv” ft. B Jack$ illustrate the exhilarating feeling of finding and dancing with a new love. Previously released ballad “KNO ME” and new highlight “Mariah” ft. Kanii dramatize the conflict and regret that follows a sneaky link, the former using mournful strings and rippling piano to enhance the emotion. On “laced luv,” GROOVY and rising sexy drill artist R2R Moe duet about drowning their sorrows with substances instead of dealing with heartbreak, while the MCVERTT-produced “Wanna Kno” is an ethereal, propulsive daydream. Featuring an additional guest spot from emerging NY rapper Vayda on the banger “SUMN,” Crying In The Club is a seminal debut.

With the Crying In The Club EP, GROOVY continues to build a devoted fanbase by blending vastly different sonic traditions into an emotionally arresting package. Stay tuned for more “luv club” from the innovative Jersey native in the near future.

Stream Crying In The Club EP:

Watch “Mariah” ft. Kanii:

Watch “KNO ME”:

31. Estelle – American Boy (NASHUP Remix 2024)

Today, Estelle, the international GRAMMY Award-winning singer, songwriter, actress and host of her eponymous show on Apple Music, unveiled the “American Boy (NASHUP Remix),” now available on all music streaming platforms. Distributed by Round Hill Records, the NASHUP Remix commemorates 16 years of the original song’s chart-topping success. 
Written by Estelle, Caleb Speir, Ethan Hendrickson, John Legend, Josh Lopez, Kanye West, Keith Harris and, and produced by the latter, “American Boy,” now certified 5x Platinum, was the lead single from Estelle’s second studio album Shine (2008). The accompanying visual, directed by Syndrome, features guest appearances by John Legend, Kardinal Offishall, Taz Arnold of Sa-Ra, Danger Mouse, Hi-Tek, Ryan Leslie, and Terrence J and more. Distributed by Atlantic Records on March 31,2008, the song peaked at number nine on the Billboard Hot 100 and secured Estelle two GRAMMY nominations and a GRAMMY win at the 51st Annual Grammy Awards in 2009 for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration.  
For the first time since 2008, Round Hill Records proudly presents a vinyl release of Estelle’s classic sophomore album Shine in a gatefold package. This edition will be the first to feature the new NASHUP Remix. Shine will be available on orange and black color-in-color vinyl at Amazon and indie retailers, with an exclusive opaque red version offered at Urban Outfitters. To pre-order, please visit HERE
Over the years, “American Boy” has continued to thrive, with various covers dedicated to Fortnite and Leeds United Football Club associating the song with their star American player. The track has also inspired social media challenges and television syncs, cementing its place as a cultural staple.
Estelle has reunited with Keith Harris for her sixth studio album, which is anticipated to be released later this year. Additional details are forthcoming. 

32. Wesko – Lost Boys


Following independent success as an artist to watch, rising North Carolina singer and songwriter Wesko shares his debut EP, Lost Boys. Today’s release marks his signing to underscore works recordings / Warner Records. Listen to Lost Boys EP  HERE. Check out the full tracklisting below.

“The Lost Boys EP is my favorite project so far. It contains some of my best writing and some of my favorite songs that I have ever written. We recorded this EP in a one-room shack behind my buddy’s house. It’s the same place I’ve recorded all my other work, so I hope to give my fans the most quintessential Wesko work possible,” says Wesko. “I’m super thankful to my hometown crowd that have rooted for me from the beginning and for the underscore works/Warner Records team that have helped make a country boy’s dream begin to come true.” 

Living up to his promise of “real cowboy tunes,” the four-track body of work affirms Wesko as a dyed-in-the-wool country songwriter, dynamic vocalist, and pensive storyteller. The opener and title track “Lost Boys” hinges on briskly strummed acoustic guitar and endlessly quotable lines a la, “I spend all my nights somewhere between wrong and right, and I wonder how I ever made it out alive.” It culminates on a climactic chorus as he crowns himself, “Founder of the Lost Boys.” Then, there’s “Psycho.” It paints a gripping portrait of domestic unease and daily struggle as he pleads, “You think I’m psycho, don’t you mama?” Plus, the EP boasts the recently released “Dreamer” and “Revelation.”

Hailing from Kenansville, NC, Wesko has quietly emerged as a country maverick with a knack for “real cowboy tunes,” as he calls ‘em. Inspired by everyone from Neil Young and Eric Church to My Chemical Romance and Green Day, he has architected a raw and real style of his own. No stranger to hard work, he has impressively balanced a full schedule at University of Mount Olive with an intense full-time job as a foreman for an erosion control company—all the while gaining traction on songs such as “Burning House” and “No Surprise.” He also notably attracted an audience one fan-at-a-time, gaining traction locally and magnifying his imprint on social media. Inking a deal with underscore works recordings / Warner Records in 2024, Wesko holds nothing back on his debut Lost Boys EP and more to come.

33. Ofenbach ft. Salem Ilese


With over 4 Billion career streams, a series of global hits (“Overdrive,” “Wasted Love,” “Head Shoulder Knees & Toes,” “Be Mine”) and certifications all over Europe, DJ duo Ofenbach – the most listened to French band in the world – is back with new single “feelings don’t lie” out now on Warner Records.

Since the beginning of their career, Ofenbach have delivered an astonishing string of hits and become one of  France’s biggest music exports. In early 2024, César and Dorian spent 3 full months in Los Angeles working with amazing artists (songwriters, producers…) and found their new sound. A new era is coming: with Europe under their belt, Ofenbach are now ready to reach new audiences and take on the world! 

The duo shares, “As we embark on this journey, our commitment to our fans remains unwavering. We’re excited to bring you along as we explore new  horizons, pushing the boundaries of our creativity.” 

“feelings don’t lie” features SALEM ILESE, American singer-songwriter best known for her viral singles “Mad at Disney” and “PS5”. She has also co-written songs for artists such as Bella Poarch and Demi Lovato