15 years ago on this day, we lost a great one. RIP Aaliyah!!! Today, @JahLion went in with an all Aaliyah mix (Straight Fire!!!) Photo Credit :: Getty Images

Singer and actress KeKe Palmer has been in the hot seat lately for a couple of big changes she made to her look. First, there was her new “Queen of Kush” neck tattoo, and now she’s rocking a new hairstyle that features faux locs and a half shaved scalp. KeKe became a trending topic on Twitter after she released photos […]

Damon Dash is known for speaking what his truth at any given time of the day and recently he opened up about Aaliyah’s death. He said, in so many words, that if he was there Aaliyah would never have gotten on the plane that killed her and the crew. Check out the video HERE. IS MONICA REALLY DIVORCING? […]

The Toronto R&B duo tease their Sept. 5th album release with a remix to this classic Aaliyah song

While promoting his new album ‘The Buffet’ singer R. Kelly spoke to GQ magazine about a range of controversial topics including the Bill Cosby sex scandal, being abused as a child, and Aaliyah. On Being Abused As A Child By A Female Relative: “[It happened] every other day, every other week” for multiple years growing […]

Today we celebrate the birthday of one of our favorite singers…Aaliyah Dana Haughton would have been 37-years-old today. Her legacy will live on across movies and music. Singer Missy Elliott paid homage to Aaliyah by posting special messages on her Twitter page.

Aaliyah would’ve turned 37 years old today, had she not perished in a plane crash in 2001. Take a look at one of our favorite performances from Baby Girl below,and let us know, what’s your favorite Aaliyah video?

Dame Dash is finally opening up about Aaliyah and her relationship with Jay-Z…Yup…Aaliyah and Jay actually kicked it a little bit prior to baby Girl’s relationship with Dame. He sat down with Hip Hop Motivation and revealed that his former best friend had a past relationship with the singer. “I was going at her, but […]

Soooo word on the street is you can NOW smell like Aaliyah…or at least get her perfume. Is this a bit much? Who knows. Check out the details  HERE!!! AALIYAH AT 14 RECORDING WITH R. KELLY [VIDEO] SANAA LATHAN DROPS MUSIC?!!!  *** CHECK OUT  DJ ANGELBABY M-F 10 AM – 3PM ON K 97.5  & FOLLOW ON […]

Aug. 25 is a bitter date every year. It’s when, at only 22 years old, Aaliyah died in the horrific plane crash. This year is the 14th…

Rare footage of 14-year-old Aaliyah recording with R. Kelly in the studio

Nobody can emulate the angelic songbird that was Aaliyah. An immaculate talent with an enchanting voice in tow, Aaliyah was the embodiment of an R&B…