Ready-to-cook poultry products by Simmons Prepared Foods are being recalled due to possible metal contamination, the USDA confirmed. Eight states are affected by the recall, including California and Pennsylvania. Related Stories: Report: Person Stabbed to Death in Maryland Popeyes Over Chicken Sandwich KFC Just Revealed A New Chicken Sandwich With Donut Buns, Whew! Text “K975” […]

Weeks after announcing that they were sold out for their newly-introduced chicken sandwich, Popeyes is allowing guests to bring in their own buns, order their 3-piece tenders and make their own chicken sandwiches on the spot. Related Stories: Customers Pull A Gun On Popeyes Employees After Finding Out The Chicken Sandwiches Are All Sold Out. […]

Arsenic- a cancer causing toxic chemical that is fatal in high doses. It is added to the chicken on purpose to help them develop faster. Related Stories: Days After The #TrumpChicken, An Inflatable #TrumpRat Joke Of The Day: Cows & Chickens [EXCLUSIVE] Text “K975” To 52140 for your chance at ticket giveaways and news before […]

For years, fans of the Chick-Fil-A restaurant chain have been begging and pleading to get one built in New York City.

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Mary J. Blige took to the airwaves to finally address all of the controversy behind her famous Burger King Chicken Sandwich commercial.She said she has been quiet about it for months because everyone was crucifying her and it broke her heart. Check out the interview here…… Read more: Necole

 After all the flack with Mary J Blige singing the chicken wrap song for Burger King some people were not in agreement of Mary J Blige singing The National Athem at The Kentucky Derby this year. Well the Queen of Hip Hop Soul showed them music snobs at Churchill Downs this weekend she got class and can blow……………check […]

Look like Flava Flav is getting out of the chicken bizness. With bounced paychecks, spoiled potatoe salad among other problems Flav said he doesn’t want his name attached to that resturant that has been opened less than 4 months in Clinton,Iowa.