Education advocate Sylvia Mendez talks with the DNC In Charlotte about making education a priority at the Democratic National Convention in 2012. Mendez’s parents won…

The University of North Carolina has placed its football program on two years probation and vacated wins from the 2008 and 2009 seasons as a result of an NCAA investigation into impermissible benefits and academic misconduct. UNC’s response to the NCAA’s June 21 Notice of Allegations, which was due Monday and released – with redactions […]

Imagine having a SWAT team busting down your door at 6am waking up and terrorizing you and your kids………for a delinquent student loan. Well that’s what happened this week to a California man. Read more here….

I recently read a New York Times article that explained the interesting concept of “perceptual learning,” which involves training the mind to memorize patterns rather than just learning concepts straight off. This method is being investigated by a small group of scientists who have evidence that proficiency improves when students in schools are groomed to […]

Brian Dawson hit the community an visited some schools to promote education to the youth.

Historically underrepresented groups such as African-Americans, Hispanics and Native Americans are eligible for millions of dollars in grants. Of particular note are those fields that have been traditionally lacking diversity, such as the sciences and business. There  are many organizations willing to help out in these trying times. The Multicultural Advertising Intern Program through the […]

The memory of DeShaun “Proof” Holton of D12 will be honored in Detroit with a scholarship for high school seniors who come from low-income, single-parent households. The scholarship is being offered by the Proof Foundation, which was launched by Proof’s mother, Sharallene “Pepper” Holton-White, in 2007.

Kelly Williams-Bolar, an Ohio mother of two, was sentenced to 10 days in jail and placed on three years probation after sending her kids to a school district in which they did not live.  The mother was sentenced on Tuesday and will begin serving her sentence immediately. Where is Oprah when you need her? After […]

O’Bon is giving parents, students and teachers an easy way to go green during the back to school season. This eco-friendly school and office supply online store has been making creating office and school supplies that protect the environment before it became the IT thing to do. They started off with their signature recycled newspaper […]

The social net for high school dropouts is gone forever. When the manufacturing base in the U.S. was strong, a young man could drop out of high school and safely land at a factory with an $18 an hour job. Today, young African American males are dropping out of high school at the highest rate […]

In a recent interview with Rev Run spoke on his son Diggy Simmon’s rap dreams. Last week Diggy signed a deal with Atlantic records after he burst on the rap scene with a video where he rhymed over Nas’s “Made You Look.” When asked if he’s worried about Diggy only being 15-years-old and choosing […]

Via: WRAL Hands-on projects have replaced standardized testing at a California high school that graduates nearly all of its students and sends all of its graduates to college.