New York Fashion Week is coming to an end, but Lori Harvey's NYC style tour is just getting started.

Lori Harvey took to Instagram to share recap photos from her fashionable birthday dinner.

Well, it looks like love is in the air in Hollywood. Actually… when is it NOT in the air? Serious question. 2023 has seen its fair share of interesting couplings, from the exciting adventures of young love to the latest hookup from our favorite “serial daters.” We have even seen some couples that don’t make […]

Idris recently shared two photos on his Instagram account. One of them is him intimately embracing Harvey while kissing her on the cheek. The other is of Harvey holding big stacks of cash with the words 'The Plug' posted over it.

Lori Harvey is refusing to admit guilt to criminal hit-and-run charges after being accused of leaving the scene of a crash in Los Angeles. According to legal documents obtained by reports Lori entered a not guilty plea today in an Los Angeles County courtroom. Now that she’s deciding to fight this, Lori has been ordered […]

Lori Harvey has been hit with charges pertaining to a hit and run accident that happened last year. Back in October she crashed her Mercedes Benz G-Wagon into a Toyota Prius while driving in Beverly Hills. According to witnesses, Lori was allegedly texting and driving when the accident occurred. The person who she hit in […]

According to the Beverly Hills Police Department, Lori Harvey the step daughter of Steve Harvey was arrested. She allegedly hit a parked vehicle and attempted to flee the scene. Sources revealed that she had been texting and driving. Related Stories: Dirty Mack Daddy Diddy Shoots Down Lori Harvey Pregnancy Rumors Lori Harvey Is Having A […]