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In an “Dr. Phil” segment entitled, “Weatherman’s Real Life Hangover,” which aired on Wednesday, Zoel Kennedy (pictured above), the photographer who was involved in the sexting scandal with weatherman Geoff Fox (pictured below), came clean about the events leading up to the publicized messages that upended both Fox’s career and her relationship with her newfound 21-year-old daughter, Kayla.

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Kennedy made headlines late last month, when the Facebook messages she had with former Fox Connecticut weatherman Fox were publicized in a website called “Married Weatherman Caught Sexting With a Photographer.”

The messages quickly morphed from naughty to nasty with comments, such as:

Geoff Fox:

they are pretty

I am oral

I like to lick

I like to lick X*

Zoel Kennedy:


o i c


Geoff Fox:

Two years since your X has been kissed

X need kissing

Zoel Kennedy:


Geoff Fox:


Zoel Kennedy:

yes they do

Geoff Fox:

would you wrap your legs around my head

Once Fox’s employer caught wind of the sexts, he was immediately fired from his job, even though Fox begged them to give him another chance in a blog post entitled, “My Permanent Record.”

On “Dr. Phil,” Kennedy finally broke her silence about the incident. According to Kennedy, her and the weatherman became “friends” on Facebook, after Fox expressed interest in photography. Unfortunately for the both of them, though, their conversation would change dramatically after she posted a “provocative” photo of herself.

Soon after, her ex-boyfriend would reportedly post the private messages to the public, “Well, we had the Facebook chat, and my ex-boyfriend took screenshots of the chat and created a website and put it online,” Kennedy said.

Dr. Phil, who described feeling “guilty” just reading the sexts, probed Kennedy about why she decided to engage Fox in the risky banter, “I kept doing it, because I wanted to see how far it would go. It became a game to me, a curiosity thing.”

When Dr. Phil asked her if she knew exactly who Fox was, Kennedy replied, “No, I didn’t know anything about him.” Kennedy’s bright facade began to show cracks, though, once she described that people now see her as a home wrecker, “That’s what happened. I wrecked a home.”

While Fox’s life was clearly damaged by the scandal as a husband, Father, and professional, Kennedy’s life was damaged too: For 19 years, Kennedy was estranged from her daughter and was just getting to know her just days after the scandal erupted.

With an emotional Kayla (pictured above right) sitting by her side, Kennedy explained why she decided not to bring up the sexting scandal when she first reconnected with Kayla, who was single-handedly raised by her dad. When asked how she felt about the glaring omission, Kayla said, “I’m bothered that she hid it from me.”

Fighting tears, Kennedy explained that she had done a lot of things that she wasn’t proud of and that there are other things she has elected not to share with her daughter, “I just think I need to come forward with some things. She doesn’t know anything about my past. I do want to tell her but I need help. I made bad choices.I don’t want to make excuses.”

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* The Xs denote the words that were blocked out due to their lewdness.

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