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I don’t even know what to make of this. The Zombies Industries company was asked to remove their Obama-esque target by the National Rifle Association at their convention this past weekend.

The company sells “life-sized displays that bleed when you shoot them”, according to BuzzFeed.

“Someone from the NRA came by and asked us to remove it” a Zombie Industries booth worker told BuzzFeed in hushed tones. “They thought it looked too much like President Obama.”

“They are just scared some liberal reporter will come by and start bitching” another booth worker said to men gathered around the booth. “But ya know, he does look very familiar.”

In addition to the Obama lookalike on display, which they named “Rocky”, there was also one that looked like Osama Bin Laden (named “Terrorist”), a nazi, as well as the “Ex” which was a battered looking woman. None of those were asked to be removed.

This was from the company’s website describing Rocky:

“A fighter from Detroit, Rocky got his nickname because of the odd shape of his face after a few matches left him a bit rutted in the head… Be warned, Rocky is HIGHLY dangerous due to his quick wit and strength… he was last seen screaming something like, “Zombie Industries believes in America!” And that we do.”

Let’s let this marinate for a second. You done marinating? Cool. This looks NOTHING like Rocky; we can just get the obvious out of the way. Everything about the company is highly offensive, from the Obama-looking target to the “ex” which is incredibly disturbing. I understand that a company has to do what they have to do to keep things innovating and keep people buying. But with the phenomenon that is “The Walking Dead“, if someone wants to make zombies “cool” it doesn’t seem that difficult to me to create something less offensive.

To fully grasp the concept of this, the company has a video (which you can see on the next page) showing a man shooting the target in front of a small boy to display the bloody ooziness that is coming out of the target’s body.

I honestly don’t understand, but then again I’m not a white male, so maybe it isn’t for me to understand. Take a look at the video on the next page.

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