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Viral food critic Keith Lee traveled to Atlanta to try some of the city’s most coveted food spots — as well as some smaller businesses that could benefit from exposure on his platform.

Lee’s critiques come just less than a week after Atlanta celebrated five restaurants earning MICHELIN-rated stars.

Typically, Lee’s review consists of him anonymously ordering food, eating the food outside of the restaurant to maintain anonymity, giving an authentic review as he eats, and rating the restaurant on a scale of 10.

TikTok restaurant critic Keith Lee has sparked a debate on restaurants in Atlanta after he recently took to the video-sharing platform to opine on The Real Milk And Honey. He was visibly unimpressed with the service, leading to the eatery responding to the same. Since then, netizens have taken to social media to create hilarious memes about the drama.

On October 27, the food blogger shared that the eatery in question did not let him call-in orders and neither was he able to place an order through DoorDash. He also told followers that his family eventually visited the venue, but were told by staff that they were closed for deep cleaning, even though there were people sitting inside and getting their food.

The Atlanta-based restaurant took to TikTok after Keith Lee criticized their establishment. In a now-deleted video, the restauranteur’s daughters asked him whether he saw Keith Lee’s new video. Answering the same, the owner condescendingly said that he did not know who the TikToker was.

The restaurant also acknowledged Lee’s review in their video’s caption by telling the TikToker to “Stay doing what you do and being a positive brother.” They then addressed the “negative people” by saying:

“Every business small or large successful or not has worked really really hard to try their best to mark their mark in an extremely tough business. As a successful restauranteur/ owner I never drag anyone’s business even if I’ve had a disappointing moment because I have principles and I know how hard any business worked just to start!”