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Ariana Home Depot Twitter Debate

Home Depot, the big box store for everything related to the inside of one’s dwelling, has a reputation where manly men who work with their hands do their weekend shopping. A beautiful Black woman who works at Home Depot decided to get a rather normal workplace selfie off, but somehow Black men are turning it into a debate and attack on the so-called “modern woman.”

For context, there is a contingent of Black men who are most likely devotees of the late Kevin Samuels and others of his ilk who shout down highly educated Black women and use the fact that the single women in that group are more concerned with their degrees instead of building families. Despite this same group of men chasing the dream of wealth via education and investment, this critique of the “modern woman” has persisted.

The unnamed Home Depot hottie became a hot topic of discussion when the Facebook page Black Men Real Convos shared the post below with the caption reading, “Modern Women swear their Masters and doctorate degrees matter. Most men would be happier with a woman like this that works in Home Debot as long as she is fit and friendly.”

We’ll let the misspelling of Depot go but the conversation took some wild left turns, including this doozy of a comment.

“I don’t care where she works as long as she’s feminine and cooperative. I don’t do all that extra lip service,” reads the lead comment.

We’re sharing the employee’s Twitter page only for illustration purposes and she’s well aware of the chatter while trying to mind her own business. Daily Loud actually tweeted if the woman should begin an OnlyFans, an idea she shot down swiftly.

As it often happens, someone brought this topic to Twitter and both men and women are embroiled in a debate on how silly it is to reduce anyone, much less Black women, to their chosen profession. Further, instead of unifying the Black family like many folks on both sides still want, this seems to be driving a wedge between Black men and women in a decidedly goofy way, which you’ll see in the tweets below.

We hope that Ariana continues to have a great day.


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1. Yes. Yes they have.