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Oysters are a delicacy enjoyed by many across the world, and a new spot in Atlanta might have to find itself a new haul after a video highlighting the restaurant went viral. What has some on social media flabbergasted is that the young lady threw down four dozen oysters during a date she seemingly didn’t want to go on.

TikTok user EquanaB shared a video to her TikTok account highlighting Fontaine’s Oyster House, a popular seafood restaurant in Atlanta. Opening her video by saying that she was meeting with a man she ignored for weeks simply out of boredom, EquanaB documents her date night and devouring of oysters, complete with slurping sounds and breakdowns of how good the food was.

We’re never going to shame a young woman for getting it how she lives but what folks online are completely shocked by is the fact that EquanaB probably wiped out Fontaine’s inventory in one night. Granted, the oysters with $15 per dozen so her date wouldn’t have had to shell out too much for the one-sided date.

Speaking of, the true plot twist, granted if this is an actual true story, is that her date ditched her at Fontaine’s and left her with the bill. With folks always looking to go viral and the fact folks have been duped before, we caution readers to take all of this information with a grain of salt.

Again, as users on X, formerly Twitter, have shared, 48 oysters are overdoing it to the max. We just hope that EquanaB’s insides are okay after taking down that much seafood on top of lemon drop martinis, potatoes, and crab cakes.

Check out the X reactions and video below.

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