There were a lot of emotional fans who really wanted the Carolina Panthers to win Superbowl 50 last night, but I don’t think any of us were more upset than this guy. This angry grandpa got so mad when the Broncos scored a touchdown late in the game that he decided to destroy his TV […]

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton is facing a lot of scrutiny today after walking out of the Superbowl press conference after his team lost to the Denver Broncos on Sunday. One of Cam’s teammates explained to his Twitter followers that the reason for Cam leaving the conference was that Denver Broncos cornerback Chris Harris was […]

Tough loss for the Panthers this past Super Bowl 50. Cam Newton didn’t make matter better when he sat down for this post game interview. He kinda’ reflected the mood of Panthers fans everywhere.Check out the interview below: CAM NEWTON…SEXIEST QUARTERBACK OF ALL TIME? DRAKE AND LIL WAYNE’S FUNNY SUPERBOWL COMMERCIAL!! *** CHECK OUT  DJ […]


Calling out Newton, Romanowski tweeted: "You will never last in the NFL with that attitude. The world doesn't revolve around you, boy!"

When Cam Newton arrived in the Bay Area last Sunday, his Versace pants made him the talk of the nation. When Newton leaves, he’ll still be the talk. This time the talk will be about his immaturity and it will be justified. Immature is the only word to describe his behavior in the post game press […]

Future Hendrix and Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton have come together to create a new 30-second commercial for Beats By Dre. The company’s chief marketing officer, Omar Johnson, explained to USA Today that the commercial stems from Newton’s pregame ritual when he takes a knee in the end zone and prays. “People say you should […]

With the haters that Cam Newton‘s has had to deal with all season, this Superbowl is sure to be a big deal for all of us…

The Panthers are on their way to the Super Bowl but people can’t stop speaking on Cam Newton, and him being a “black quarter back” and he is TIRED!! Check out what the MVP had to say: RIHANNA’S “ANTI” ALBUM!! DRAKE AND LIL WAYNE’S FUNNY SUPERBOWL COMMERCIAL!! *** CHECK OUT  DJ ANGELBABY M-F 10 AM – 3PM ON […]

Cam Newton is a rap fan. All the evidence points to it. Well, at least two pieces of evidence point to it. Before heading to San Fran last week, Cam interrupted Young Thug’s interview with Chewy of 92.7 The Block. Clearly, if you got the man on speed dial you all are homies and you are […]