A shooting at a Walmart in Chesapeake, Virginia, on Tuesday (November 22nd) left six people dead. The unnamed shooter is dead.

A man in Albemarle, NC has been arrested and charged with perpetrating a hoax after a video surfaced of him walking around in Walmart on Facebook live bragging to his followers that he had tested positive for the Coronavirus. Police in Albemarle say that on March 18th 31-year-old Justin Rhodes committed a crime when he […]

According to TMZ, Charlotte rapper Da Baby (a.k.a Baby Jesus a.k.a The Prettiest Chocolate Ni**a Alive) received information that he won’t go to jail for the shooting in Walmart. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Da Baby is now sentenced to one-year probation, Mecklenburg County District Attorney’s Office stated the rapper was convicted Thursday of carrying […]

Our thoughts and prayers are with all parties involved and their families. According to multiple news sources, a man was shot and killed in a North Carolina Walmart after he allegedly attempted to rob another customer. We hear the other customer was North Carolina rapper #DaBaby. Not many details about the incident have been released, […]

It seems everyone has their way of trying to play the system, especially if a nice check could be involved.

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Sam’s Club CEO Rosalind Brewer will step down after five years.

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There’s nothing quite like being home for the holidays and sharing the best meals of the year with your family and closest friends.

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In the episode “Granddaddy Gifts,” we are reminded without a doubt that grandparents are the greatest.

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Let’s keep it real, going home for the holidays can be both comical and dreadful at the same time.

When it’s time for your next get-together, call dibs on making dessert and try my Chocolate Mousse Brownie Trifle recipe.

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Let this blooper reel from “Cedric Takes on the Holidays,” serve as an official reminder of what the holidays are like with Black families.

Hurricane Matthew has got people out here showing their you know what’s…lol. A massive fight broke out in Walmart and of course it went viral. This was allegedly due to the Hurricane Matthew panic. Hopefully people will get a grip and learn to work together in times like these but, uh, if you wanna see the […]