The question on minds of many Americans is “Why and can bystanders be charged?”

Check out this CNN interview with Larry King and Jermaine Jackson.

Check out the new video from Chris Brown!

Yesterday was a big day for Chris Brown not only did he do his first performance since the Rhianna incident; he also announced the release date for his 3rd album Graffiti.

Various Belizean news sources are reporting that Shyne will be deported back to Belize as early as this afternoon.

Today E1 Music (formerly Koch) announced that the company will be releasing The Avon Barksdale Story- Legends Of The Unwired in March 2010.

Atlanta Houswives star Kandi may be expecting….

A man was arrested and charged with murder in the fatal stabbing of a University of Connecticut football player.

The Republican National Committee came under fire after a user posted a controversial photo on its Facebook page.

Princess Tiana, star of the upcoming movie “The Princess and the Frog.” arrived at Disney World on October 26 in royal style, pulling up to Cinderella Castle in a horse-drawn coach.

The reviews are in and Monica: Still Standing is not sitting well with reality TV fans. Why? Because Monica is more normal than the average reality star.

A Former Raleigh Police officer has been arrested and charged with raping a woman in Alabama…