After Cardi B went viral for her opinion on the government shutdown, reminding everyone ” it’s been a little bit over three weeks, Trump is now ordering as in summonsing Federal Government workers to go back to work without getting paid.” She continued to let her followers know, ” Now I  don’t wanna hear y’all […]

Recently, a video from a North Carolina artist dropped his latest “hit”, Let The White Kids Say Nigga  with the artist sporting the Confederate flag as a cape. His song starts off ,” Nigga, thats just a word, a word only has as much power as you put into it” The beat drops and he […]

Those that have always heard about the allegations of R.Kelly and his fondness of young women, but lifetime found his brothers, former dancers and ex-wife to tell their story of Surviving R.Kelly.   Hashtag #SurvivngRKelly took to Twitter and it was an overflow with opinions on what was revealed in this series. After everyone realized John […]

Lately , the Dream Chaser , rapper has been tweeting really deep messages. Meek Mill was seen with his son before Christmas, where his son said his gift would be for his dad, “to get married”. Before his son claiming his wishes for his dad’s love life, Meek tweeted his admiration for Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s […]

Recently Kevin Hart had the fastest announcement to denouncement of hosting the Oscars. After being asked to apologize for offensive tweets in 2009-2010 that expressed homophobic feelings. Hart posted a video stating that the academy asked him to apologize or step down. He said ” I’ve addressed this several times, this is not the first […]

Teairra Mari's ex boyfriend leaked her nudes and a sex tape on her IG page earlier today.

Of course, Charlamagne, Yee and the Breakfast Club listeners roasted him anyway.

So Drake may actually have a baby on the way, and contrary to those “Sacrifices” lyrics, this time we’re not talking baby like Face. While claims like this are nothing new for Champagne Papi, former porn star Sophie Brussaux is making headlines as she’s not only come forward claiming she has text messages to prove […]

The video shows Wayne in bed engaging in some bumping and grinding with two women who are allegedly strippers.

According to TMZ someone is seriously shopping a Lil Wayne sex tape to some of the big porn companies out in L.A. The person in possession of the tape has been contacting folks to see if they want to purchase the video that shows Weezy in nothing but his socks in the bedroom with 2 […]

Why do people who appear on reality TV shows (or talk shows, or court shows) often suffer severe and often long-lasting psychological trauma as a result?