SHOWTIME SAYS… The Real Is Back as Young Jeezy and CTE invade South Beach for Memorial Day Weekend… SPOTTED @ SHOWTIMESAYS.COM

SHOWTIME SAYS… Now that Lauryn Hill has announced that she is pregnant with her 6th child, it makes me wonder what will happen to the L. Boogie that we once knew and loved. Laurynn and her long time boyfriend Rohan Marley have 6 children together that range from 3 to 13 years old. It’s been […]

SHOWTIME SAYS… Below is what many believe is the official track listing for the “Watch The Throne” CD. 1. Lift Off (Feat. Beyonce & Bruno Mars) 2. Murder To Excellence 3. Illest Motherfucker Alive 4. Why I Love You So (Guilt Trip) 5. That Shit Crazy 6. Living So Italian 7. Who Gonna Stop Me […]

SHOWTIME SAYS… Singer Miguel sat down with Kenny Burns to discuss some things about his style and his sexuality recently. The singer who has THEE dopest R & B album that I have heard in a very long time opened up about his sexual preference and let it be known what side of the fence […]

SHOWTIME SAYS… The folks over at Universal Records have decided to push back the release date of Lil Wayne’s latest project. The Carter IV was scheduled to be released in a few weeks on June 21st but label reps have announced that the project will hit shelves on August 29th. Weezy dropped the new single […] SHOWTIME SAYS… Wiz gives an impromptu performance of his latest single “Roll Up” from the album Rolling Papers while in Paris, France on The Hip-Hop Soul Radio. SPOTTED @ SHOWTIMESAYS.COM

SHOWTIME SAYS… I never understood the logic of going to an event where everybody is having fun and enjoying themselves just so you can start shooting folks. Well it went down on Miami’s South Beach this weekend.   Of course Memorial day weekend is the time when black folks from around the country head to […]

SHOWTIME SAYS… Behind the scenes look @ Ross and Meek Mill shooting the video for “Tupac Back” SPOTTED @ SHOWTIMESAYS.COM

SHOWTIME SAYS… “Malice found religion…Tony found Prison…I’m jus trying to find my way up out this kitchen” (c) Pusha T Looks The Malicious may be looking for a name change soon.  Malice talks about wanting to change his name since he is no longer living a life of malicious activities.  Watch the video…Pretty interesting stuff […]

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SHOWTIME SAYS… Looks like Jeezy is testing the waters to see if he’s still got the trapstar rap lane on lock….This drops on Saturday @ 1:03pm….as we all impatiently await the release of TM103 SPOTTED @ SHOWTIMESAYS.COM